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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

USD 1$ in 108,22 in 114.83
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JPY 100¥ in 99.12 in 105.20
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29/04/2017 20:33

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You are here:HOME»ALGERIA»Sellal: Berber spring, milestone in history of Algeria’s fight for enshrinement of its identity
Thursday, 20 April 2017 13:38

Sellal: Berber spring, milestone in history of Algeria’s fight for enshrinement of its identity

ORAN- Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said Wednesday, in Oran, that the anniversary of the Berber spring celebrated on the 20th April of each year represents “a milestone in the history of Algeria’s fight for the consecration of its identity,” adding that cultural diversity is “Algeria’s true wealth.”

In a speech made during his meeting with local authorities and representatives of the civil society at the end of his visit to the province of Oran, the Prime Minister said that his visit coincides with the celebration of “two key dates in the history of Algeria’s fight for the enshrining of its identity: Day of Knowledge (16 April), and Berber Spring (20 April),” adding that “every wise reader of history knows that our people paid a heavy price for centuries to defend its principles and the foundations of its identity.”

“Despite all these sacrifices for the preservation of their Amazigh identity, their Islam, and their Arab identity, Algerians remained tolerant and open to the cultures of the world,” said Sellal, underlining that f”or us, nationalism is synonym of love for Algeria and not misanthropy.”

“Algeria’s true wealth is its cultural diversity because we are Chawi, Kabyle, from Beni Snous, Kel Ahaggar, Zenata, Beni Mizab or other regions. We are all Amazigh and determined to protect this wealth and to preserve the unity of our country regardless of costs. It is our Arab identity and our Islam that have made us free men,” he added.

In addition, Sellal stressed that “the political will of his Excellency the president of the Republic allowed, in the favour of national reconciliation and the revision of the Constitution, keeping religious and identity issues away from political one-upmanship to promote them, after constitutionalizing them, to  the academic and scientific ranks so that specialists broach them with an objectivity that serves the unity of the people and the country’s interests.”

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