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Algeria Press Service

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You are here:HOME»ALGERIA»Leaders of parties devote their speeches to anniversary of Amazigh spring
Friday, 21 April 2017 10:23

Leaders of parties devote their speeches to anniversary of Amazigh spring

ALGIERS-Leaders of political parties on Thursday devoted their campaign speeches part of the legislatives on 4 May to the celebration of the anniversary of the Amazigh spring in 1980, calling to vote on the day of the election for the candidates able to further promote the Tamazight language. 

Secretary General of the Workers Party (PT) Louisa Hanoune committed during a popular meeting in Boumerdes to establishing a State Secretariat "exclusively" in charge of promoting Tamazight and the Amazigh issue in the country.

She promised to promote "this essential component of the national identity" through devoting a "significant" budget to this Secretariat, which will be in charge of training teachers and translators likely to generalize the use of this language with within administrative services, justice and other fields.

In the same connection, Secretary General of the Algerian Popular Movement (MPA) Amara Benyounes said that "after calm democracy, it was necessary for Algeria to establish linguistic peace as Arabic and Tamazight are now two national official languages," stressing that "there is no more room for one-upmanship."

For him, "the Tamazight needs an appropriate work from experts, specialists and linguists to give it the means to effectively become a national and official language," recalling that Algeria had an Amazigh spring in the 1980s, before the Arab spring.

From Setif, where he held a popular meeting, Secretary General of the National Liberation Front (FLN) Djamel Ould Abbes broached the national constants, affirming that "the unity of the Algerian people and the national territory are sacred for the political party."

"The unity of the Algerian people and the national territory are the fundamental principles for the National Liberation Front party and no one has the right to undermine them."

For his part, President of the Freedom and Justice Party (PLJ) Mohamed Said  highlighted in Tarf the importance of strengthening national unity and preserving the national identity components "to protect Algeria."

He highlighted the importance of granting special interest to the country's history and the preservation of the collective memory," calling for a massive vote for PLJ candidates on 4 May.

From Chlef, Secretary General of the National Republic Alliance (ANR) Belkacem Sahli said the Arab spring destroyed the institutions of many Arab countries, calling for the preservation of the national identity constants, particularly the Amazigh identity, "a first step for the defence of the national unity."


Other political leaders focus on tolerance


Holding a meeting in Khemis Meliana (Ain Defla), Presdient of Tadjamou Ama Jazair (TAJ) party Amar Ghoul said that the school "has a key role in teaching the values of tolerance and citizenship," stressing "the need for standing on the path of those who want to dislocate the society."

President of El Islah Movement Filali Ghouini called in Bordj Bou Arreridj for strengthening the development of human resources through a revision of the education system, which he dubs "a failure" as it did not succeeded in "attaching an added value to society."

In the province of Guelma, President of the National Unity and Development Party (PNUD) Mohamed Dhif called on citizens to massively vote to express the choice of the most able candidates to conduct deep reforms in all fields, stating that abstention "will lead to fraud."


In Bordj Bou Arreridj, President of the Algerian National Front (FNA) Moussa Touati said the upcoming legislatives as an opportunity for the Algerian people to impose change through voting on the election date and put an end to "fraud and old practices."

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