Algeria overcomes terrorism, strives to prevent extremism

Published on : Monday, 06 November 2017 17:18   Read : 1224 time(s)
Algeria overcomes terrorism, strives to prevent extremism

BISKRA (Algeria)- "Algeria has managed to overcome terrorism and is in the stage of prevention against extremism and radicalization," the minister of Religious Affairs said Monday. 

"The religious institution, thanks to the efforts made by mosques and imams, and by reference to the true Islam and the heroes of Islamic conquest, has managed to halt extremism and radicalization," Mohamed Aissa said in an opening address at the 6th international conference "Okba Ibn Nafi," at the town's arts centre.

The minister stressed the close link between Islam and the country on which "the religious institution insisted to instil the patriotic spirit, shown in the Glorious Revolution (1954-1962) and throughout the difficult stages the country has gone through."

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The programme of the three-day conference includes 50 papers to be presented about "the religious institution and national personality," said the head of the province's Religious Affairs Department, Toufik Loucif, said.

Researchers and academics from various parts of the country and foreign nations like Sudan, Chad, Mali, Niger and Burundi will have an effective part in the event.

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Placed under the slogan "Towards Historical and Civilizational Vision," the meeting's main theme is the role of the religious institution in shaping national personality for the preservation of intellectual security. 

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Algeria overcomes terrorism, strives to prevent extremism