Fight against illegal migration, everyone's responsibility, says Bedoui

Published on : Thursday, 15 February 2018 19:17   Read : 723 time(s)
Fight against illegal migration, everyone's responsibility, says Bedoui

ALGIERS- The fight against illegal migration "is a major concern for the whole society and not only for the public authorities," said Thursday in Algiers Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning Noureddine Bedoui.

"The fight against illegal migration is not the exclusive responsibility of security and administrative authorities. It is a cause for concern for everyone and for the whole society, because it is a shared responsibility," said Bedoui during a plenary session of the Council of the Nation (Upper House of the Parliament), devoted to oral questions.

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Without denying public authorities' responsibility and key role in the fight against this scourge, Bedoui said "the family, too, has an important role in the prevention, as has the university, the mosque and the school."

In this regard, the minister underlined the existence of "criminal networks that encourage, through social media, young people to leave the country aboard small boats against large amount of money."

He added that security services have managed to arrest the people involved in this case and have brought them to court.

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In parallel with coercive measures, public authorities are working in collaboration with the civil society to increase awareness on the consequences of this scourge, and to explain the new measures decided by the State to address youth's concerns, especially regarding employment and housing, said Bedoui.

In this respect, the minister added that a significant decline in illegal migration attempts has been noted following these measures.

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Fight against illegal migration, everyone's responsibility, says Bedoui