UGTA: 62nd anniversary marked by efforts to consolidate workers' gains 

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UGTA: 62nd anniversary marked by efforts to consolidate workers' gains 

ALGIERS- The 62nd anniversary of the creation of the General Union of the Algerian Workers (UGTA) is to be celebrated this year in a context marked by the ongoing State's efforts to preserve workers' socio-economic gains, especially as Algeria has been shaken by a financial crisis since the late 2013 following the fall in oil prices.

The celebration comes at a time when the union has established itself as a key player in working life and as a partner in social dialogue, which regularly brings together the government, business managers' organizations and the UGTA as part of the Tripartite. 

It also coincides with the persistent strikes, mainly in education and health sectors. 

In December 2017, the UGTA signed with the government and employers' organizations, the Charter of Societal Partnership to reinvigorate national economy's diversification process through the "mobilization of financial resources for the execution of public infrastructure projects by mainly Algerian private and public operators." 


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In February 2014 the government, the UGTA and the business managers' representatives signed a national economic and social development compact.

The compact sets a number of goals, including the speeding up of the economic reform process, industrial development, the improvement of business climate, social welfare and the improvement of the purchasing power.

The official celebration will take place this year in Oran (432-km west of Algiers).

It will be "devoted to women unionists and female workers," UGTA's national secretary for general relations, Ahmed Guetiche, told APS.

This year's theme is meant to show recognition for Algerian women's efforts, contribution and role in "three major chapters of Algeria's history, namely the liberation war (1954-1962), the construction of the country after independence and the fight against terrorism," the leading unionist said.



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UGTA: 62nd anniversary marked by efforts to consolidate workers' gains