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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

USD 1$ in 108,22 in 114.83
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JPY 100¥ in 99.12 in 105.20
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29/04/2017 00:38

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MOSTAGANEM (Algeria)- Minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi said Sunday, in Mostaganem (355-km West of Algiers), that his ministerial department works with the cooperation with several stakeholders to relaunch theatrical movements towards new perspectives.

In an address given at the opening of the event “Mostaganem, Theatre Capital 2017,” the minister underlined that his ministerial department works with its partners, including experts in theatres and other actors of the theatrical movement to give new impetus to the Algerian theatre, which shows in all events.

He added that the Algerian theatre needs an upgrade of its internal rules and its management method in a way to surpass any dysfunctions due to an accumulation of mistakes, adding that there is a will to relaunch theatrical movements towards new perspectives.

In this regard, Mihoubi said that “we are introducing, starting today, a new tradition to cultural life, that to pay tribute to culture and innovation cities.”

Mostaganem managed to become a real centre of attraction of the theatrical movement, and to create a school of the amateur theatre with its grand names such as Ould Abderrahmane Kaki and Si Djillali Benadelhalim, who left an impression in the life of Algerian dramatists, said the minister.

Published in CUTLURE
Friday, 17 March 2017 16:49

Police dismantle ISIS cell in Mostaganem

MOSTAGANEM – Police forces of Mostaganem province have dismantled on Thursday a terrorist cell belonging to the Self-Proclaimed Group ISIS/ Daech", they said on Friday.

The cell, which is composed of nine members aged between 20 and 58 all from Mostaganem (355 west of Algiers), is specialized in recruiting young people via the social networks and convincing them to join ISIS group in Syria, added the source.

The security forces have tracked the members for more than a month before arresting them and bringing them to justice.

Seven members of the cell were jailed, the eighth one placed under court supervision while the ninth was sent a direct summon to appear, added the security services.

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ALGIERS-Nine countries including Algeria will partake in the first African Bowls Championship (men and women) to take place on 24-30 January in the province of Mostaganem, organizers announced Friday.

In addition to Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Sudan, Comoros and Djibouti will participate in this Championship.

The organizing committee had set a deadline (30 December) for the nominative confirmation of participation. Each country will partake with eight players at the most in the competition that will run in singles, pairs and triplets. In accordance with the regulation in force, Algeria, the organizing country, will be represented by 16 players.

"The preparations are going well and we will provide the best conditions to ensure a perfect organization and make this sporting event successful. First of its kind, this Championship will strengthen Algeria's reputations in this field," said President of the Algerian Federation of Bowls and Billiards (FARB) Mohamed Amine Maidi.  

This African Bowls Championship was due to take place in Algeria in March 2015 but given the lack of means at that time of the year. A request for postponement had been accepted by the African Bowls Confederation.

"Given the efforts of the members of the organizing committee and others, I am convinced that all those who will take part in this important event will have a pleasant memory of our country," stated the FARB president.

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MOSTAGANEM (Algeria)- Seven plays are in the running at the 47th edition of the Amateur theatre festival, which opened Saturday at the Ould Abderrahmane Kaki arts community centre in Mostaganem (355-km west of Algiers).

The opening ceremony was marked by folkloric shows, at the centre’s open theatre, performed by the “Aissaoua,” “Gnawa” troops of karkabou and the fanfare of national police.

A theatrical costumes and masks exhibition is also organized on that occasion, as well as pictures of Algerian comedians and men of theatre Ould Abderrahmane Kaki and M'hamed Benguettaf, including the founder of this festival Djillali Benabdelhalim.

A series ofplays have been presented in tribute to the late M’hamed Benguettaf and a theatrical musical performance about the famous man of theatre, who passed away last January.

The performance was produced by Abdellah Mebrek, artistic director of the festival, drawn from a text by Fethi Kafi.

The opening ceremony was held in the presence of the president of the National Arts and Letters Council, Abdelkader Bendaamache, as well as men of culture and theatre.

The ceremony was attended by Bahia Rachedi, Ahmed Benaissa, Haimour Abdelkader, Belkaid Abdelkader and Omar Fatmouche, in addition to directors of regional theatres, specialists and amateurs in the industry.

The winner of this edition, to run until May 31st, will be awarded the festival’s Grand Prix (DZD500.000).

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MOSTAGANEM – The double earthquake that hit Thursday morning the province of Mostaganem (365-km west of Algiers) caused only few minimal material damage, said the province's Director of the Civil Protection.

"We did not record any casualties, there were only minimal material damages, like crack of walls of old buildings in the communes of Bouguirat and Mostaganem," Lieutenant-Colonel Mohamed Baatichia told APS.  

He also mentioned the crack of walls of Terfass intermediate school and those of several houses in the commune of Bouguirat, in addition to the partial collapse of the wall of the municipal stadium, and the collapse of house roof in the district of Matmar in the commune of Mostaganem.

The first earthquake, measuring 4.1, was recorded at 3:57 a.m. and the second measuring 5.2 at 6:22 a.m., according to the National Research Centre in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geophysics (CRAAG).

The double quake caused a wave of panic among the populations in the southern communes of the province, particularly in Bouguirat, Ain Tedles and Kheireddine, said the Lieutenant colonel.    

All intervention means have been mobilized to face all eventualities, he added.

An emergency committee was set up in the daira (sub-prefecture) of Bouguirat to assess the damages caused by the double quake.  

According to the CRAAG, the epicentre of the earthquake was located 17 km in the south-east of Mostaganem.

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MOSTAGANEM (Algeria)- More than DZD11.5 million were dedicated to develop five beaches in the province of Mostaganem (355 km west of Algiers), in anticipation of the 2014 summer season, the province’s head of Tourism and Craft Industry department said Thursday.  

Speaking at the first ordinary People’s Provincial Assembly (APW), Amel Aichouche said that the project concerns the beaches of Sidi Mansour (Fornaka), Rocher, Clovis (Benabdelmalek Ramdane), Sidi Medjdoub and Sidi Lakhder.

The works will focus on the development of beaches’ access and parking lots, creation of showers, lighting and building of Civil Protection and National Gendarmerie facilities.

The works, which will start in two beaches, will be completed in June, a source said.

Concerning the cleaning of the beaches, the management of social action has devoted more than DZD2.3 million to execute 28 projects for the “White Algeria” programme, generating 192 seasonal jobs starting in June.

The same services plan to set up two summer camps for 400 children from the country’s  south for fifteen-day stays, in addition to the 34 transport lines as 134 buses will ensure connections towards beaches during the summer season.

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