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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

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24/04/2017 10:32

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ALGIERS- An Algerian parliamentary delegation will participate in the works of the joint meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) devoted to the western Balkans region and the challenges of European integration, scheduled in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) from 21 to 23 March said Monday, the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) in a communiqué.

The participants to this meeting, organized by the NATO’s Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group will discuss “several issues mainly focused on the western Balkans regions and the challenges of European integration and their consequences on the Middle Eastern and North African regions (MENA),” said the source.

This joint meeting will also broach other issues on “the strengthening of the Rule of law and democratic institutions, counterterrorism and extremism in the region, the refugee and migratory crisis and the reform of the defence and security sectors,” said the statement.

The Algerian parliament regularly takes part in the meetings of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly as a Mediterranean partner.


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ALGIERS- The head of the delegation of the Sub-CommitteeonTransatlantic Defence and Security Co-operation (DSCTC) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO PA), Sverre Myrli hailed Wednesday in Algiers Algeria's struggle against terrorism and its experience in the fight against this scourge, said the People's National Assembly (Lower house of Parliament) in a communiqué.

Myrli, who was received by Ferdi Miloud, permanent member of NATO PA, also called for the strengthening of coordination in view of Algeria's experience in the field."

During the meeting, Ferdi outlined the reforms undertaken by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, especially for the promotion of women's role and their involvement in the political life, as well as the rights strengthened by the amended Constitution."

He also underlined "Algeria's positions for the resolution of the conflict through dialogue without interference in internal affairs and rejecting all forms of violence."

During the meeting with NATO PA delegation, the head of the Lower House's Committee on National Defence, Chennouf Mohamed, highlighted "the efforts of the People's National Army in the fight against terrorism, and hailed Algeria's achievement under the wise policy of the President of the Republic."

In this regard, he said that "the national reconciliation has helped to acquire pioneer experience in the fight against terrorism."

Myrli also expressed "NATO's commitment to strengthening cooperation with Algeria, especially in the field of deradicalization and counterterrorism."

For his part, the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Community and Cooperation, Belmeddah Noureddine, said that "Algeria has managed to recover its place among nations after a painful decade of fight against terrorism."

He also reiterated "Algeria's unconditional support to the Sahrawi cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people."

For her part, Lower House's Deputy Speaker Eddalia Ghania presented a report on the democratic climate within the lower house, citing the main new provisions of the amended Constitution, especially those relating to the separation of powers and "the enshrinement of the rights of individuals and communities."

She also underlined "Algeria's role in the support of just causes in the world," calling to join efforts in the fight against terrorism and drying up of its resources."

The head of NATO PA delegation affirmed "the existence of a real willingness for parliamentary cooperation with a view to benefiting from Algeria's experience as part of partnership with NATO."

The delegation's visit aims at strengthening cooperation between Algeria and NATO PA and exchanging views on regional issues.

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ALGIERS-Algeria's efforts in the fight against terrorism and organized crime have been highlighted Wednesday by the delegation of the Sub-Committee on Transatlantic Defence and Security Co-operation (DSCTC) of the NATO's parliamentary assembly (NATO PA), stressing that these efforts made Algeria "a reference" in this field.

During a meeting with a delegation of the Council of the National (Upper House) chaired by Vice-President of the Council Djamel Ould Abbas, the NATO Pa delegation highlighted "Algeria's efforts in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, dubbing it a reference and an exemplary model," the Upper House said in a communiqué.

Held part of bilateral dialogue, the meeting enabled the NATO PA delegation to enquire about "the national reconciliation policy adopted by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika since 1999", the same source stated.

European MPs broached "the implementation scope of this policy and measures to reintegrate beneficiaries from this policy, mainly their relatives, according to the law promulgated on 2006."    

"Algeria has fought against terrorism alone and in the context of an international isolation, mainly from European countries," Ould Abbas recalled.  

Both delegation discussed the situation in Libya and stressed the need to favour a peaceful solution given the negative impact of the military intervention conducted without considering consequences."


Published in ALGERIA

ALGIERS- Algeria is committed to developing a "responsible and fruitful" dialogue with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), said Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

This position was expressed during the audience granted by the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, Hassan Rabehi, to the delegation of NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA), which is on a visit to Algeria from 12 to 14 April, at the invitation of the People's National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament, said the statement.

During the audience, Rabehi expressed Algeria's commitment to developing "responsible and fruitful" dialogue with the organization, especially on regional issues relating to the security and stability of the region, which is facing many challenges that require greater consultation and synergy as part of a comprehensive, inclusive and cooperative approach.

He also underlined the "qualitative development" of bilateral cooperation under NATO's Mediterranean dialogue.

Rabehi said that since it joined the NATO PA's Defence and Security Committee (DSC) in Mai 2005, he noted with satisfaction the strengthening of the parliamentary dialogue, which contributes to the promotion of the ideals of peace and security in the Euro-Mediterranean space.

He also emphasized Algeria's effective contribution to the security and stability in the region, citing the successful international mediation in Mali, and the support, as a neighbouring country, of the UN efforts for the resolution of the crisis in Libya and the fight against international terrorism.

NATO PA has associated to its parliamentary works partner countries, including Algeria, since the launch of the Mediterranean dialogue in 1994.

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ALGIERS-Algeria is a "key partner" in the establishment of security in the maritime field in the Mediterranean region, Captain of Standing NATO's permanent Mine Countermeasures Group-2 (SNMCMG-2) Ramazan Kesgin stressed Monday.

"The Group considers Algeria as a key partner in terms of cooperation with the Mediterranean countries for the establishment of security in the maritime field," stressed Kesgin at a press conference held at the Group's shipboard.

Focusing on cooperation in the field of counterterrorism in the Mediterranean region, he said that the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) is "always ready to cooperate and participate with Algeria in the fight against terrorism at sea."

Besides, Kesgin announced six exercises are scheduled between the Group's ships and the Algerian naval forces to "enhance comprehension and interoperability between various naval forces to better counter various scourges, including terrorism."

He added these manoeuvres will allow to "building up" experiences acquired through the already performed exercises and improve the methods used in counterterrorism.

Four naval units belonging to the Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group TWO (SNMCMG-2) docked Monday in Algiers port as part of the military cooperation between Algeria and NATO.

Composed of four ships (two Turkish, one Spanish and one German) including three Countermeasures ships, the group will pay a two-day visit to Algiers.


Published in ALGERIA

BRUSSELS (Belgium)- "Qualitative" evolution in relations between Algeria and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have been recorded over the past years, an official from the body said Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium, dubbing the bilateral cooperation "positive."

Speaking as an Algerian delegation is on a visit to the NATO headquarters in Brussels, the official said the ties between Algeria and the north Atlantic organization are to further develop, mentioning "the various possibilities to boost this partnership."

He emphasized the efforts made by the organization for cooperation according to the specific and strategic interests of the Mediterranean Dialogue countries and to adapt cooperation to the new types of reality in line with the Individual Partnership and Cooperation Programme (IPCP), signed between Algeria and the NATO in October 2014.

The document, to be considered as a legal framework for the bilateral relations with NATO, defines the major principles of Algeria's foreign policy and defence with a reference to the strategic dimension of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue.

Published in ALGERIA

ALGIERS- Algeria on Tuesday celebrated the 20th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)'s Mediterranean Dialogue in the presence of parliamentarians, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Algiers and academics.

The celebration ceremony of the Dialogue, initiated in 1994, was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Algeria became a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue in March 2000.

This anniversary is an opportunity to assess of the achievements made by NATO and to examine the challenges and opportunities facing the NATO, said the Diplomatic Institute and International Relations (IDRI) and the Military Institute of Documentation, Evaluation and Prospect, organizers of the event.

"The Dialogue: Achievements and Prospects" and "the security challenges in the region" are the most important topics which will be discussed at this meeting.

NATO’s assistant general secretary for the political affairs and security policy Ambassador Thrasyvoulos Terry Stamatopoulos voiced, in a statement to the press that this meeting, "his recognition" to the "steadfast contribution" of Algeria within NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue.

"I recognize the very important role and the contribution of Algeria as part of the multilateral framework of the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue," he added, while expressing the wish to further develop the NATO relations with Algeria.

He expressed his "deep satisfaction" with the recent conclusion of the first individual programme of partnership and cooperation (IPCP) between NATO and Algeria.

"This document is a strong signal of our joint determination to foster our partnership to hoist it to higher level," he declared.

On that occasion, Stamatopoulos reaffirmed NATO attachment to the Mediterranean Dialogue and to the principles on which it is founded.

He stressed the "intense interest" of NATO to pursue the reinforcement of the political dialogue and the practical cooperation with its Mediterranean partners, including Algeria, to face the security challenges in the region.


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ALGIERS- The Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) has left Thursday Algiers Port after three-day visit.

The SNMCMG2 is composed of the Italian frigate ITS AVIERE and the minehunters FGS HOMBURG (Germany), TCG ERDEK (Turkey), ESPS DUERO (Spain) and HMS GRIMSBY (United Kingdom).      

The visit, scheduled since a year, is part of the Group's deployment in the Mediterranean.

In a statement to the press on the first day of the visit, the Commander of the SNMCMG2, Captain Giovanni Piegaja (ITAN) said that "the Algerian Navy is a trusted and valuable partner in maintaining maritime security in he Mediterranean."

The SNMCMG2 participated in a passing exercise (Passex) and tactical navigation exercise with units of the Algerian Navy.

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ALGIERS-The Algerian Navy is a "reliable and a highly valued partner that helps to maintain security in the Mediterranean region," said Monday in Algiers Captain Giovanni Piegaja, from the Mines warfare Force of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which are on a stopover in Algiers.

"The Algerian Navy is reliable and a highly valued partner that effectively contributes to maintaining maritime security in the Mediterranean," said Captain Piegaja in a press conference held jointly with Vice Admiral Thomas J. Ernst.

"Taking advantage of this visit, we want to help deepen relations between Algeria and the Alliance and to identify new opportunities for cooperation" in the naval field, Captain Piegaja added.

For his part, Vice Admiral Ernst said the stopover the NATO’s permanent mines warfare force (SNMCMG2) was scheduled since a year and comes on the occasion of a group deployment in the Mediterranean, which will last until October 2.

He explained that the SNMCMG2 participate in an exercise of PASSEX type and tactical navigation with units of the Algerian Navy and also embarks on this occasion observers aboard their vessels, adding that these offshore activities are meant to "increase interoperability and mutual understanding among maritime partners."

Published in ALGERIA

ALGIERS- The Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) arrived Monday morning in Algiers for a scheduled port visit during the Group's deployment in the Mediterranean, which will last till 2 October.

"Five ships assigned to the SNMCMG2, under the command of Italy, arrived in Algiers as part of the cooperation with NATO," said Lieutenant Colonel Abdelkader Mokdad, in charge of public relations at the Communication Department of Naval Forces Command.

Led by Captain Giovanni Piegaja (ITAN), the SNMCMG2 is currently composed of the Italian frigate ITS AVIERE and the minehunters FGS HOMBURG (Germany), TCG ERDEK (Turkey), ESPS DUERO (Spain) and HMS GRIMSBY (United Kingdom).

The SNMCMG2 will participate in a passing exercise (Passex) and tactical navigation exercise with units of the Algerian Navy.

Commander of the central region, General Samah Zine Eddine received, during the visit, the commander of the SNMCMG2, Colonel Giovanni Piegaja.

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