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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

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24/04/2017 10:36

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AL BAYADH (Algeria)- Minister of Mujahideen Tayeb Zitouni said Saturday, in Al Bayadh, that “Algeria will not keep quiet and will not abandon the cases claimed from France, including the recovery of skulls of Algerian revolutionaries to bury them in Algeria.”

The minister said, in a press conference held on the sidelines of his visit to the province to chair the official festivities marking the 55th anniversary of Victory Day, that the case of the recovery of body remains and bones of Algerian revolutionaries in France is frozen until the end of the French presidential elections, in order to “avoid the manipulation of the case by French politicians.”

Zitouni said that an Algerian-French joint commission was formed to discuss serious issues between the two parties, including archives, indemnities specific to the Algerian South following nuclear tests and the deceased.

He said, in this regard, that Algeria will make every effort to obtain its demands from the French party, underlining that the Algerian diplomatic mission in France follows these cases, in coordination with the ministers of Mujahedeen and Foreign Affairs.


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KHENCHELA-  Relations between Algeria and France are conditioned by the question of memory, said Friday in Khenchela (east of Algiers), Minister of Mujahideen (National Liberation War veterans) Tayeb Zitouni.

"France must assume its responsibilities towards Algeria and the pending issues between the two countries have to be addressed," the minister told the Algerian Radio from Khenchela, on the sidelines of his visit to the eastern province, which is hosting the official festivities commemorating the National Day of Shaheed (Liberation War martyr), observed every 18 February.

Zitouni said that a "sincere willingness" of France was necessary to start serious work between the two countries and resolve once for all the pending issues

The minister underlined that the "nuclear tests in Algerian Sahara were a proof of the atrocity of the crimes committed by colonial France in Algeria," adding that a national seminar on those tests, he attended recently in Illizi, showed the "numerous crimes perpetrated by the French colonial forces against the Algerian people."

Zitouni also recalled the heroism of the Algerian people throughout their history, and the peace and stability achieved thanks to Algerians, men and women, and to the units of the People's National Army.

Tayeb Zitouni started his visit to Khenchela from Ali Souaghi Culture Centre, where he attended the screening of a documentary on the exhumation of the remains of the shuhada (Liberation War martyrs) of the Cave of Djemri in the commune of Ensigha, as well as an operetta highlighting the major chapters of Algeria's history.

The minister also honoured mujahideen and members of the families of shuhada of the region.

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ILLIZI – The nuclear tests in Sahara are a proof of the atrocity of crimes committed by colonial France, said Monday in Illizi (1850-km south of Algiers) Minister of Mujahideen (National Liberation War veterans) Tayeb Zitouni.

"These tests are a proof of the atrocity of the crimes committed by colonial France in Algerian Sahara, against local population and environment, and whose radiations continue, to date, to have health implications on local populations, fauna and buildings," said the minister in his opening address at a national seminar on "French nuclear tests in Algerian Sahara,: Impact on man and environment."

Those painful events witnessed in the region of Reggane (Adrar) and In-Ecker (Tamanrasset), and of which Algerian people commemorates the 57th anniversary, are part of the countless crimes perpetrated by colonial France against the Algerian people," he stressed.

Zitouni called for the preservation of the historical and collective memory of the Algerian people, by highlighting and glorifying the sacrifices of our elders.

As regards the compensation of the victims of nuclear tests in the Algerian Sahara, the minister said that it is among pending issues between the two parties (Algeria and France).

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TLEMCEN- Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni said Sunday, in Tlemcen, that the tribute paid to late president Ahmed Ben Bella is also that of the nation’s heroes.

“We have met today to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the this leader and mujaheed (war veteran) who remained faithful to his principles,” said the minister in his speech at the opening of the international colloquium on “The personality of Ahmed Ben Bella, a national and international dimension,” which is being held at the Palace of Culture of Tlemcen.

“The faithfulness of this man was shown through in his struggle, resistance and suffering, placing him among the world’s leaders and Africa’s wise men,” added Zitouni in this colloquium which brought together researchers from various universities of the country and from abroad as well as mujahedeen (war veterans).

The minister also underlined the tribute paid, May 2005, by President Bouteflika to this historic figure who was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Tlemcen, describing him as “a man of the 20th century who inspired with his ideas all those wishing to follow the path of the sincere mujahedeen.”


After stressing the Algerian people’s duty to honour the memory of these heroes, Tayeb Zitouni referred to the message of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, describing it as a “message of pride and dignity for the security, peace and stability to take up the challenges of development and achieve the outlined objectives.”

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DJELFA- Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni affirmed Thursday in Djelfa that Algeria will not be satisfied until the skulls of its martyrs, which are at Paris Musée de l’Homme, are restored, to be buried in their country.

“We won’t be satisfied until the skulls of the Algerian martyrs (which are) at Paris Musée de l’Homme are buried in Algeria,” said Thursday Zitouni during his visit to Djelfa.

“There is coordination, on this issue, between the Algerian Ministries of Mujahedeen and Foreign Affairs and the Directorate of International Cooperation,” said the minister in a conference on the “attacks on the barracks of Maamra at Kada Mount during the National Liberation War, in the commune of Hed Shari (80km north of Djelfa).

“Algeria’s ambassador to France has been contacted to maintain contact with the French authorities on this issue, subject to technical procedures,” he said.

“We really feel upset to see these skulls separated from the rest of their bodies since one century and a half, but this issue has something positive: It shows the true face of France of the democracy, equality and human rights,” added Zitouni, underlining that it is a “matter of honour” to all the Algerians, for which “we will use all the diplomatic channels.”   


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TEBESSA- The restitution of the archives of the Algerian Liberation war, which are in possession of France, is a matter of principle for the Algerians, affirmed Monday in Tebessa (634 km east of Algiers) Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni.

In a press conference, on the second day of his working and inspection visit to this province, the minister said that the negotiations with the French side on the restitution of the archives is ongoing, underlining the setting up of the joint committee made up of representatives of Foreign Affairs Ministry and Mujahedeen Ministry in charge of the file of the national archives.

Pointing out that the national archives were recovered from 12 Arab countries, including Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, Zitouni added that the negotiations with the French side on the restitution of national archives are “very complex,” affirming that “the file of Memory will be settled sooner or later.”

While broaching the battle of El Djorf (100 km south of Tebessa), one of the greatest battles triggered on 22 September 1955, under the command of martyr Chihani Bachir, the minister underlined that the commemoration of this major event will be held as part of the official festivities from this year.

The minister underlined the counting operation of the liberation war’s battles and the modernisation of the access to historical documents through internet and documentary production, available throughout the 44 Mujaheed museums nationwide.


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BEJAIA-Minister of Mujahedeen Tayeb Zitouni stressed Saturday in Bejaia that Algeria has made great efforts since 1962 in order to write the history of the Revolution of 1 November 1954.

Over 15,000 hours of mujahedeen's testimonies have been recorded part of writing the history of the national Revolution," Zitouni announced in a broadcast on the local radio, part of festivities commemorating the National Day of Mujaheed, highlighting the contribution of local authorities of each province to the implementation of this project.

As part of writing the history of the national revolution, operations of fedayeen and detention centres built by the colonial administration during the national liberation war have been inventoried, he added.   


The minister added that a mapping at the ministry identifies the heritage of the Liberation War and traces the history of the Revolution alongside 44 museums nationwide devoted to the Revolution of 1 November 1954, in addition to a center of study and research on the national movement and the war of Liberation.


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BEJAIA- Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni visited Saturday the historical site where the Congress of Soummam was held in Ifri Ouzellaguen in Bejaia as part of the commemoration of the National Day of Mujaheed and the double anniversary of 20 August 1955 and 20 August 1956.

Accompanied by Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi, Secretary General of the National Organization of Mujahedeen Said Abadou and members of the revolutionary family of the region, the minister unveiled the commemorative plaque of the double anniversary of the National Day of Mujaheed before unveiling the statues of the leaders of the revolution who took part in the Congress of Soummam, namely Krim Belkacem, Zighoud Youcef, Abane Ramdane, Larbi Ben M’hidi, Lakhdar Bentobal and Amar Ouamrane.

Minister of Mujahedeen also launched, in the village of Ifri, the connecting project to the natural gas network for the inhabitants of the village.

Tayeb Zitouni also chaired a ceremony where a vocational training centre was named after the martyr Boudjemaa Medjfoune.

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DAKHLA (Sahrawi refugee camps)- Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni said Friday that the holding of the extraordinary congress of the Polisario Front “is a new important phase of the glorious history of the Sahrawi people to regain their legitimate rights,” reaffirming the solidarity of Algerian government and people with the Sahrawi cause.

On the sidelines of the extraordinary congress of the Polisario Front organized under the slogan “Strength, determination and willingness to impose national independence and sovereignty,” Zitouni addressed, in a speech to the participants, a message of solidarity on behalf of the Algerian government and people with the brotherly Sahrawi people and the Polisario Front, underlining that the holding of this congress is a “new important phase of the glorious history of the valiant Sahrawi people to regain their legitimate rights.”

“We seize this opportunity to pay tribute to late Sahrawi President Mohamed Abdelaziz who had a decisive impact on the struggle of the Sahrawi people by preserving the unity of his people’s ranks and the cohesion of his political direction, the Polisario Front,” affirmed Zitouni.

“Late Mohamed Abdelaziz led a fierce struggle so that the Sahrawi people can regain their freedom. He had never turned away from the path mapped out by the founders of the Polisario Front while remaining a man of peace who managed to present all dialogue and negotiation opportunities,” added the minister.

In this regard, he said the “Polisario Front gained, under the leadership of late Mohamed Abdelaziz, the legitimacy and recognition that enabled it to impose itself at the international level as the only and legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people.”


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LAGHOUAT- Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni chaired Thursday, in Laghouat (400km south of Algiers), the official festivities commemorating the 60th anniversary of the National Student Day.

In his speech to the students of Amar Thelidji University, the minister said that the message of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, addressed on the occasion of this day, “is an acknowledgment of the Nation to the students’ activism, calling them, on the occasion, to be inspired by the key ideas of this message and noble values of devotion to serve the country.”

“We are celebrating this anniversary by renewing the oath to martyrs and updating the glorious national thought ,” said Zitouni, underlining that “it is necessary to celebrate this anniversary not as an ordinary event, but as an exemplary value which confirms the State’s fundamental principles and the moral message of the glorious martyrs.”

In this regard, Minister of Mujahedeen invited the students to persevere in the path of education and to make efforts to take up the challenges, through cohesion and unity.

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SIDI BEL-ABBES (Algeria)- Minister of Mujahideen Tayeb Zitouni stressed Sunday, that the Massacres of 8 May 1945 were a decisive stage in the history of the fight against colonization, as they paved the way for Algerian people's freedom, pride and their country's independence.

In an opening address at a conference on French occupation's crimes against humanity in Algeria, with the massacres as an example, in the light of law and international charters, held at Djillali El Liabes University, in Sidi Bel Abbes (440-km southwest of Algiers), the minister said the event was a turning point in a popular uprising that opened up the way for freedom.

It is also a message from the Algerian people who claimed independence, Zitouni said at the conference held to mark the commemoration of the 71st anniversary of the massacres.

"The commemoration of the anniversary aims to pay tribute to the event's martyrs and recollect a chapter of our glorious history."

The speaker stressed the need to shed light on the tragedies committed by French colonization against the Algerian people and to thwart any attempt to play down their sacrifices for liberty and national independence.




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ALGIERS- Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni called Tuesday, in Algiers, journalists to reveal the tragedies of colonialism and combat the culture of oblivion through investigations and reports on the suffering endured by the Algerian people under colonialism.

“Journalists must do of all their best to reveal the tragedies of colonialism and combat the culture of oblivion through investigations, reports and documentaries on the suffering endured by the Algerian people under the colonial yoke,” affirmed Zitouni in a conference on the role of the Algerian media during the liberation and construction period on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day.

The minister paid tribute to journalists for their valued contribution to the creation of a documentary data base relating to the events of the national history.

The Ministry of Mujahedeen plans to make further efforts to preserve the historic and cultural heritage related to the population’s resistance, the national movement and the national liberation revolution, he underlined.

For the minister, the target is to make from media a mean to preserve and promote the national achievements, maintain security, unity of the country and its best interests as well as to defend its constitutional institutions and its strategic options.

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SETIF (Algeria)- Minister Mujahideen (national liberation war veterans) Tayeb Zitouni said Sunday, in Setif, that the filming of the movie about martyr Larbi Ben M'hidi is "almost completed."

The feature-length Film, which has been financed by the ministries of Mujahideen (national liberation war veterans) and Culture, will be screened as soon as it is finalized, the minister said.

Huge means have been made available for this production, most of which came from the People's National Army.


Like the films about Mustapha Benboulaid, Krim Belkacem, Colonel Lotfi and Lalla Fadhma N'soumer, Larbi Ben M'hidi movie will be shown in the movie theatres of all Algerian provinces, Zitouni said. 


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ALGIERS- Minister of Mujahideen Tayeb Zitouni said Monday that women in Algeria "hold today a significant position within elected assemblies and political bodies" as a result of the government's policies to promote women's role.

In an address at a ceremony awarding distinctions to female executives of his sector, staged to mark the International Women's Day, Zitouni said today women hold key positions in different fields, following the promulgation of laws ensuring women's rights.

The minister greeted the fight of women during national liberation war, side by side with men, and their contribution today in national construction.

Zitouni called female workers to follow the example of their predecessors and be at the level of the expectations of Algerian martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our country's liberation from French occupation.




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DAKHLA (Saharawi Refugee Camps)- Minister of Mujahideen Tayeb Zitouni on Saturday, in the Saharawi refugee camp Dakhla, stressed Algeria's firm position over the Saharawi cause.

Speaking on the sidelines of the festivities commemorating the 40th anniversary of the SADR (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic) proclamation, and which have been attended by the delegations of more than 22 countries.

Zitouni told reporters that he carried a written message from President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika to his brother and friend Saharawi President Mohamed Abdelaziz.

"Algeria has constant and firm positions over Western Sahara people's right to self-determination, on the basis of which it has urged the United Nations to reach a settlement for the issue in line with its Charters and resolutions."

Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, the minister underlined, "has sympathizers in all continents." 

Mentioning Polisario Front's commitment to respecting all UN decisions, the minister said "it's time for the United Nations to assume its responsibilities."

He reiterated Algeria's support to the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for Western Sahara Christopher Ross and its support to UN chief Ban Ki-moon to reach a just solution, allowing Western Sahara people to exert their right to self-determination.

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KHENCHELA- No less than 3,009 remembrance sites, including 1,321 cemeteries of martyrs, 1,212 torture centres and 42 museums, were rehabilitated and redeveloped in Algeria, according to an inventory carried out in 2015 by the Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Ministry, affirmed Monday, in Khenchela, Minister of Mujahedeen Tayeb Zitouni.

All these operations were carried out so that today’s young people “inspire from the sacrifice of martyrs who fell on the field of honour for the independence and freedom of Algeria,” said the minister who is on a two-day working visit to this province as part of the commemoration of the National Shaheed (Martyr) Day.

In this regard, Zitouni particularly insisted on “the faithful transmission of the martyrs’ message to the young generations, for the preservation of the historical memory of Algeria.”


Accompanied by a large delegation of representatives of local mujahedeen associations, the minister headed, Monday morning, for the commune of Yabous where he paid tribute to martyrs at the city’s cemetery, before attending the reburial of the remains of five martyrs.

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PARIS - Minister of Mujahideen Tayeb Zitouni on Wednesday in Paris paid a glowing homage to the French friends of the Algerian Revolution.

During a reception organized at the Algerian Cultural Centre, the minister paid "solemn" tribute the mujahideen of France and French friends of the Algerian revolution in the name of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika. He also honoured "all Algerians and French, guided by noble values of freedom and justice, got involved and made sacrifices for Algerian independence."

"The presence of French friends today reflects your attachment to Algeria," he said while recalling that "the Algerian cause was widely beyond the geographic and religious e frontiers."

In the presence of Maurice Audin's son, Pierre, he said that "the struggle and the sacrifice of heroes such as Maurice Audin and Frantz Fanon demonstrates the universal values of 1st November 1954 which brought men and women from different horizons to join the Algerian people struggle."

For him, it is "important» for the Algerian and French young generations to "know and understand the history we have in common."

He underlined that Algeria and France implement "everything" so that history that units both countries "becomes link free of rancour, that may undermine the friendship that ties our two peoples."

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PARIS- Minister of Mujahedeen (War Veterans) Tayeb Zitouni paid Wednesday, in Paris, tribute to the memory of the Algerian victims of the massacres of 17 October 1961 in Paris.

On the second day of his visit to France, the first of its kind, the minister paid tribute to the memory of the Algerian victims at Saint-Michel Bridge, where a commemorative plaque was affixed on the wall of the bank from which hundreds of Algerians were thrown in The Seine.

He was accompanied by French Secretary of State for Veterans and Memory Jean-Marc Todeschini.

Previously, Tayeb Zitouni laid a wreath of flowers on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the First World War at the Triumphal Arch. 

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PARIS-Algeria and France should "seriously" and "responsibly" deal with issues related to their common memory, Mujahedeen Minister Tayeb Zitouni stressed Tuesday in Paris.

"It is time for us (Algerians and French) to deal with issues related to the issue of common memory in a serious and responsible way ", Zitouni stressed at a press conference after his meeting with French Secretary of State in charge of Veterans' Affairs and Memory Jean-Marc Todeschini.

Zitouni also noted "a positive reaction" of the French side and a "strong will" from Algeria and France, thanks to the Treaty of Friendship, signed in 2012 by their respective Heads of State, to clean up all outstanding issues.

"The two countries should give due importance to the issues of memory, through a responsible reading," he affirmed.

Noting that his visit was part of the consolidation of confidence between the two countries, the minister said that "the Algerian-French relations are witnessing significant development in the political, economic, industrial, trade and cultural fields."

However, he warned against the neglect of the issue of memory as it "could undermine the image of strong relations between the two countries."

As for his meeting with French Secretary of State, Zitouni, who is on his first working visit to France, said the discussions focused primarily on the issues of archives and the missing persons during the Liberation War and nuclear tests conducted by the France in southern Algeria.

"I am carrying a clear message to the French authorities expressing Algeria's willingness to consolidate its relations with France in the mutual interest of the two peoples," he said, adding that these relations, through the guidance of Heads of state Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Hollande, "are positively evolving."

The minister announced that "the two sides agreed that the issues of archives to be discussed at the next meeting of the High Level Intergovernmental Commission (CIHN) in March in Algiers."

He added, "a joint commission will be set up and should meet on 11 February to study the issue of missing and address compensation for victims of nuclear tests, not to mention the environmental aspect."

Referring to the issues of archives, Zitouni wishes "a diligent treatment of this issue to achieve tangible results in a very short time."

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PARIS (France)- Minister of Mujahideen (War Veterans), Tayeb Zitouni started, Tuesday afternoon, a three-day working visit to France which will be devoted to three main issues: the archives, the Algerians who disappeared during the National Liberation War and the compensation of victims of nuclear testing in the Algerian Sahara.

During this visit, the first of an Algerian Minister of Mujahedeen made to France, Zitouni will hold discussions with the French minister of Defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Secretary of State to the minister of Defence, in charge of Veterans Affairs and Memory, Jean-Marc Todeschini, the President of the French Senate, Gerard Larcher, and the President of the National Assembly of France, Claude Bartolone

During his visit, he will pay visits to the Army Museum and to Verdun, a small French city located in Lorraine, site of the very deadly battle of Verdun during the First World War (1914-1918), to pay tribute to the 592 stelae of the Algerian combatants who died for France.

The minister will pay tribute, Wednesday, at the Saint-Michel Bridge, to the memory of Algerians killed and thrown in the Seine by the security forces, on 17 October 1961, before meeting with former Mujahedeen settled in France and the French, friends of the Algerian Revolution.

During a press briefing in Algiers, Zitouni said that it is time for Algeria and France to address the pending files, particularly those relating to the national archives, since the beginning of the French occupation of Algeria until the recovery of national sovereignty, to the Algerians who died during the National Liberation War and the compensation of Algerians, victims of the nuclear testing in Reggane.

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