ALGIERS-Premier Ahmed Ouyahia on Sunday affirmed that "the presence of security forces is not enough to combat terrorism remnants," stressing the need to strengthen vigilance and raise citizens' awareness of the importance of alerts to address the terrorist threat.
ALGIERS- The members of the People's National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) on Sunday hailed the measures in the Government's Action Plan, and underlined the need to join efforts for its implementation on the ground.
ALGIERS- Speaker of the People's National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) on Sunday called on deputies to debate the Government's Action Plan through a calm dialogue and a clear vision with a view to strengthening the State's stability.
ALGIERS- Unity of Algerian people around his president of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the best answer to the supporters of chronic instability and chaos, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said Sunday in Algiers.
ALGIERS- The preservation of the country’s security, stability and unity, in addition to the strengthening of democracy and rule of law as well as the modernisation of the governance, are among the main line of the government’s action plan.
ALGIERS- The well-being of the population, social justice and national solidarity are Algeria’s “cardinal choices,” said Sunday in Algiers Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, adding that the government is committed to promoting them.
ALGIERS- Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia started Sunday the presentation of the government's action plan, with the implementation of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika as a roadmap, including the national policy of social development for a better life to citizens.

Justice reform through citizen-oriented strategy

Saturday, 16 September 2017 14:28
ALGIERS- The justice reform, initiated by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, is centred upon a thorough overhaul of the legislation with a view to modernising the sector, as part of measures to boost the rule of law and implement a citizen-oriented strategy.
ALGIERS- Three individuals supporting terrorists were arrested Thursday, in Medea, in search and combing operations carried out by detachments of the People’s National Army, said Friday a communiqué of the National Defence Ministry.
ALGIERS- The director of the regulation and general affairs (DRAG) at the Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning Amara Lakhdar affirmed that the ordinary revision of the electoral lists is scheduled for October, which will allow to each citizen to register for the local elections, to be held on November 23.