NEW YORK- Algeria has underlined in New York the need to engage a "comprehensive reform" to the UN Security Council. The reform would address the injustice made to Africa by granting it two permanent seats.
WASHINGTON – The prospects of the US-African cooperation in the security and economic fields have been discussed Thursday by Algerian Ambassador to Washington Madjid Bouguerra and US Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto.
ALGIERS- Five bunkers for terrorists were discovered and destroyed by detachments of the People's National Army in Batna and Jijel (east) on Thursday, said the Ministry of National Defence in a statement Friday.
ALGIERS- Political party leaders and candidates in the local elections of 23 November 2017 have reiterated on Friday, third day of campaign, their call to extend the prerogatives of local representatives.
ALGIERS- Some heads of political parties called Thursday, on the 12th day of the election campaign for the local elections of November 23, for a significant strengthening of the prerogatives of local representatives, while others developed a speeches related mostly to the doctrinal foundations of their parties.
ALGIERS- Candidates running for seats at the municipal and provincial assemblies in the election of November 23 on Thursday, the 12th day of the campaign, called for voting on people with the ability to give a fresh impetus to local development, which will boost the country's stability.
ALGIERS- The agreement signed Wednesday between Algeria and Mauritania, one of the grievances made by Algerian economic operators, will facilitate trade between the two countries, the Algerian Federation of Imports, the chairman of the Exports and International Trade (FAIECI) has said.

Three homemade bombs destroyed in Ain Defla

Thursday, 09 November 2017 13:41
ALGIERS- Three homemade bombs were destroyed Wednesday in Ain Defla (south of Algiers) by a detachment of the People's National Army, said the Ministry of National Defence in a statement.
ALGIERS- Several papers published on Thursday reviewed the activities of the political parties campaigning, for the second week, for the local elections of November, 23rd.

Ouyahia receives Lord Risby

Thursday, 09 November 2017 10:32
ALGIERS-Premier Ahmed Ouyahia on Thursday received British Prime Minister's Special Representative for Economic Partnership with Algeria, Lord Richard Risby, who is on a visit to Algeria, the Premier’s office announced in a communiqué.