Bedoui received by Mauritanian Premier

Thursday, 09 November 2017 10:16
NOUAKCHOTT-Minister of Interior, Local Assemblies and National Planning Noureddine Bedoui was received on Wednesday afternoon in Nouakchott by Mauritanian Premier Yahya Ould Hademine.
NOUAKCHOTT (Mauritania) – Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, Noureddine Bedoui called Wednesday in Nouakchott for multiplying the efforts to diversify and the Algerian-Mauritanian cooperation, in a comprehensive concept that covers security and border regions development questions.
ALGIERS-The involvement of citizens in the management of their communes, the relation between representatives and administration as well as unconventional financing were among the dominant themes of the 11th day of the election campaign for the local elections scheduled for 23 November.
NOUAKCHOTT- Algeria and Mauritania signed Wednesday in Nouakchott an agreement on the opening of a border post aiming at stepping up economic cooperation and facilitating movement of people and goods between the two countries.

Bedoui received by Mauritanian president

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 19:13
NOUAKCHOTT- Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning Noureddine Bedoui, who is on a visit to Mauritania, was received Monday by Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.
ALGIERS- Leaders of political parties called Wednesday, on the 11th day of the electoral campaign of the 23 November local elections, their candidates to avoid unrealistic promises, also inviting them to listen to the complaints and concerns of citizens
ALGIERS- The two dangerous terrorists killed Tuesday in Djebahia (in the province of Bouira) by a detachment of the National People’s Army (ANP), have been identified, said Wednesday National Defence Ministry in a communiqué.
ALGIERS-The Council of the Nation (Upper House) on Thursday will hold a plenary session devoted to oral questions to government members, announced the Upper House Wednesday in a communiqué.
ALGIERS- The political parties campaigning for the local elections of 23 November on Tuesday called for multiplying investments in the renewable energy and enlarging prerogatives of the presidents of the People’s Communal Assemblies.
ALGIERS-Wednesday’s national press focused on the speech delivered by political parties during the ten days of the election campaign for the local elections scheduled for 23 November.