ALGIERS- The bill on local authorities, under preparation, will strengthen decentralization and extend prerogatives of elected assemblies, in order to enable communes to achieve local development and address citizens' concerns, said Tuesday in Algiers the Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, Abderrahmane Sedini.
ALGIERS- Speaker of the People's National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) Said Bouhadja and the delegation accompanying him were received, Tuesday in Teheran, by Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, said a Lower House's statement.
ALGIERS- The Director General of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), Saud Hilal Al-Harbi, will start a three-day visit to Algiers as from Tuesday.
ALGIERS-One terrorist in possession of a Kalashnikov submachine gun and three loaded magazines surrendered Tuesday to military forces in Tamanrasset (6th Military Region) while a supporter of terrorist groups was arrested by a detachment of the People’s National Army (ANP) in Bouira, the National Defence Ministry announced in a communiqué.
ALGIERS-Speaker of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) Said Bouhadja and Speaker of Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majles-e Shoraye Eslami) Ali Larijani underlined Monday in Teheran (Iran) the need to strengthen Islamic solidarity and to peacefully settle conflicts in favour of the security and stability of peoples and Islamic States, announced the Assembly in a communiqué.
ALGIERS- Minister of Religious Affairs and Waqfs, Mohamed Aissa announced Monday that the cost of the pilgrimage will be revised upward, due to the 5% tax imposed by Saudi Arabia.
ALGIERS- General inspector of the Ministry of the Interior, Local Assemblies and National Planning Sadini Abderrahmane said Monday that a national meeting bringing together the presidents of the People’s Provincial, Municipal Assemblies (APW and APC) will be held on next Thursday at Abdelatif- Rahal International Center of Conferences of Algiers.
ALGIERS- Ten S-5KO (anti-personnel and anti-light vehicle) rockets have been discovered in the country's south by an Army detachment, the ministry of National Defence said Monday in a statement.
ALGIERS- The implementation of the measures provided for in the Charter on Societal Partnership, relating to the opening of the capital of economic public companies to the private sector must first be submitted the approval of President of the Republic, from the stage of capital opening or transfer of assets until the final decision.
ALGIERS- Speaker of the People's National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) Said Bouhadja will participate in the 13th session of the Conference of the Parliamentary Union of the members states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (PUIC), in Teheran, Iran, on 16 and 17 January, said Monday a Lower House's statement.