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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

USD 1$ in 108,22 in 114.83
EUR 1€ in 116.05 in 123.16


JPY 100¥ in 99.12 in 105.20
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24/04/2017 12:30

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ALGIERS- The State protects and preserves the tangible and intangible heritage, said Thursday Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi in reply to an oral question at the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) on the historic site Hippone in Annaba (600-km east of Algiers).

"Algeria like other Mediterranean countries has many Roman remains, including 200 archaeological sites in the eastern province of Annaba, all under the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs," said Mihoubi during an Upper House session chaired by Speaker Abdelkader Bensalah.

The protection and promotion of Algeria's heritage is among the main missions of the State, said the minister, adding that the National Office for Cultural Heritage Protection has mobilized over 1000 security agents to that end.

"The development of archaeological sites requires the mobilization of financial resources and expertise in the field," he said.

"Training sessions have been held as part of partnership with foreign firms, especially German for the development of the Museum of Cherchell and with Turkish for the restoration of the Mosque of Ketchaoua," added Mihoubi.

The minister of Culture said that excavations are underway in many archaeological sites, especially the pyramids of Tiaret (west of Algiers).

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MOSTAGANEM (Algeria)- Minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi said Sunday, in Mostaganem (355-km West of Algiers), that his ministerial department works with the cooperation with several stakeholders to relaunch theatrical movements towards new perspectives.

In an address given at the opening of the event “Mostaganem, Theatre Capital 2017,” the minister underlined that his ministerial department works with its partners, including experts in theatres and other actors of the theatrical movement to give new impetus to the Algerian theatre, which shows in all events.

He added that the Algerian theatre needs an upgrade of its internal rules and its management method in a way to surpass any dysfunctions due to an accumulation of mistakes, adding that there is a will to relaunch theatrical movements towards new perspectives.

In this regard, Mihoubi said that “we are introducing, starting today, a new tradition to cultural life, that to pay tribute to culture and innovation cities.”

Mostaganem managed to become a real centre of attraction of the theatrical movement, and to create a school of the amateur theatre with its grand names such as Ould Abderrahmane Kaki and Si Djillali Benadelhalim, who left an impression in the life of Algerian dramatists, said the minister.

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ALGIERS- the president of the Algerian-French Parliamentary Friendship Group of the French Senate Alain Nerihighlighted Monday, in Algiers, the need to strengthen the presence of Algerian and French cultures in both countries.

In a statement to the press at the end of a meeting with the minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi at the headquarters of the ministry, Alain Neri said that “this meeting will allow us to work together to strengthen the presence of Algerian and French cultures in both countries.”

After highlighting the importance of culture in the strengthening and deepening of relations between the two peoples, the French parliamentary said that his group’s role today is to defend, more than ever, culture and freedom of expression, particularly in this situation marked by the rise of the extreme right-wing though in France, adding that culture has always been the first victim of the enemies of freedom.”

He underlined the need to spread Algerian culture in the world and particularly in France, while noting the support of the Algeria-France Parliamentary Friendship group to this goal.

For his part, the minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi said that the meeting was fruitful for the two parties and allowed reviewing many aspects of the Algerian-French cultural relations.

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ALGIERS- Interaction between cultures would help prevent the spectre of violence and extremism forever, said Friday in Tunis Minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi in his address at the first meeting of Culture Ministers of the member states of 5+5 Dialogue.

The minister recalled the key role of culture in the Mediterranean region, "which has witnessed a melting pot of cultures that has enriched our knowledge and contributed to the development of the successive civilizations."

Mihoubi said that "today, there are many challenges, especially the spread of extremist ideas, the use of violence to terrorize, the exploitation of religions for evil purposes, and denying the right to be different and freedom of expression."

"Culture can find solutions to these challenges and build a message of hope and promote the acceptance of diversity as richness of humanity," said the minister.

"Algeria is ready to host any seminar on mechanisms for the support of public and private investment in the sector of culture," added Mihoubi.

The minister stressed the need to "strengthen cultural exchanges between 5+5 dialogue member states."

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Friday, 20 January 2017 10:59

Culture, mean to overcome difficulties

MOSTAGANEM-Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi stressed Thursday evening culture can be a mean to overcome the difficulties witnessed by the Arab nation.

"Culture can play a key role in tackling the deep political, cultural and psychological changes witnessed by the Arab nation. It is a bridge that enables overcome all difficulties," said the minister in his speech at the closing ceremony of the 9th Arab Theatre Festival.

Mihoubi called intellectuals and men of culture to realize the challenges posed by the current situation in the Arab world. "Intellectuals are the consciousness of this nation since they express its aspirations and contradictions," he said, stressing the success of the 9th Arab Theatre Festival, "which is also a success of the Arab culture in general."

"Algeria is the country of freedom of expression, theatre and creativity," stressed the minister, adding "President Abdelaziz Bouteflika supports our actions and provided this event with all necessary means to make it successful."

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of this event, Mihoubi said a program was outlined under the event "Mostaganem, capital of culture 2017" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National amateur theatre festival. This program will be announced in next March and will involve all players in the field of theatre." 


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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 09:17

National theatre adapts to change in society

ORAN (Algeria)- Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi stressed Tuesday that national theatre has adapted to change in the society.

"Algerian theatre, used as a weapon during the national liberation war (1954-1962), has managed to adapt to the change in the society after independence," the minister said in an address at the opening ceremony of the 9th Arab Theatre Festival in Oran (432-km west of Algiers).

The Algerian theatre has always interested in the concerns and basic issues of society, Mihoubi said, stressing national theatre's major role in the country's cultural and artistic landscape.

The minister underlined that the Algerian pioneer experience in the field, disclosing that national theatre is the subject of research and studies at world universities. 


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JIJEL (Algeria) – Culture Minister Azzedine Mihoubi has reaffirmed Sunday in Jijel, the importance of protecting the archaeological sites without inhibiting the development projects.

During his visit to the site Choba in the Ziama Mansouriah (Jijel), the minister said that it is time to work to achieve progress through "practical solutions" to protect the archaeological sites.

Reaffirming that the State is determined to apply the archaeological sites safeguard and promotion plans, he called for finding "alternatives" to value the country’s heritage in parallel with the development projects launched in various regions.

In the site of Choba, Mihoubi gave instructions to speed up the works of the rehabilitation of this Roman site.

The minister also inspected the works of the new Culture Directorate and the Regional Theatre of Jijel.

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TEHRAN (Iran)- The Iranian minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Reza Salehi Amiri underlined Monday, in Tehran (Iran), the importance to strengthen and expand cooperation between Algeria and Iran in the cultural field especially, since the will between the two parties already exists.

In an audience he granted to the minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi, who is on a working visit to Iran as part of the Algerian cultural week, Reza Salehi Amiri said that it is necessary to expand dialogue between the two parties to define the areas of cooperation such as books, publishing, exhibitions and cinema.

“Culture allows deepening ties between the two people. For that, we will work in the long term to promote cooperation to a strategic level,” said the Iranian minister.

For his part, the Algerian minister of culture Azeddine Mihoubi highlighted the importance to work as part of a roadmap to strengthen cultural cooperation through the conclusion of conventions in various areas such as cinema, libraries, fine arts, restoration of manuscripts and the organization of specialized exhibitions and others, underlining the role of culture in bringing people together.

Speaking about the Algerian cultural week in Tehran, Mihoubi said that all the conditions must be met to promote Algerian culture through the wise choice of artists and programmes, expressing the wish that this cultural event could arouse the admiration of the Iranian crowd.

In addition, the two ministers called for cooperation between the two countries in international events through the organization of cinematographic exhibitions and works that highlight the true image of Islam.

Mihoubi visited the contemporary museum of Tehran (built in 1979) which includes painting of great foreign and Arab painters including Algerian artists such as Mohamed Khedda, Abdelkader Guermaz and Rachid Korichi

The Algerian cultural week started Monday, at the National Library of Tehran.

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CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- The mortal remains of the master of Malouf music, Mohamed Tahar Fergani, died Wednesday at the age of 88 in Paris, France, arrived Friday in Mohamed-Boudiaf international airport in Constantine (431-km east of Algiers).

Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi, the family and friends of the deceased as well as local officials were present at the arrival of Fergani's remains, in a coffin draped in the national flag and carried by Civil Protection officers.

The coffin has been taken to the deceased's home, in Sidi Mabrouk neighbourhood, and will afterwards be brought to Malek-Haddad arts and community centre to receive the last tribute.

The prayer of the dead will be performed at Emir Abdelkader Mosque before the interment of the deceased at the local Central Cemetery, in the city centre of Constantine.



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ALGIERS – Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi and his Egyptian Counterpart Helmy al Nemnem have agreed on Sunday in Algiers to "reinforce" the cooperation relations in all the various cultural fields, by launching "projects on the ground" in archaeology, cinema, theatre and publishing.

"Teams of Egyptian and Algerian archaeologists will conduct studies and searches in some Algerian regions, which include graves and ‘pyramids’," said Mihoubi during a meeting with his Egyptian counterpart.

Egypt is the guest of honor at the 21st International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA).

Those graves require "deep search to be conducted by experts," the minister said, underlining that the Egyptian experience "is proven in terms of tombs and pyramids."

Algeria "needs this experience," he said.

Algeria possesses a certain number of pyramidal graves like "Al Ajdar" in Tiaret. Those graves are Berber mausoleums dating back to the first centuries after Jesus Christ.

Moreover, Mihoubi had recently announced that there was a project to classify these graves as universal heritage of humankind.

Algeria also encompasses the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania in Tipaza, locally named "Qabr erroumia" (the Tomb of the Foreigner).

The Tomb was reportedly built by King Juba II in tribute to the memory of his Egyptian spouse Cleopatra Selene II.

The minister stressed the "importance for promoting co-publishing" and the need to publicize the Algerian cultural and literature movement in Egypt and vice versa."

The Egyptian minister, as for him, emphasized the importance that this cooperation be "permanent," and called for “enlarging it" to publishing, cinema, opera, search and training in archaeology.

Conferences on historical figures, who represented "a bridge" between the two countries like Emir Abdelkader, Imam Mohamed Abdou and Sheikh of Al Azhar Mohamed El-Akhdar Hussein, with Algerian descents have been organized, Al Nemnem said

Algeria will be the guest of honor at the 49th International Book Fair of Cairo in 2018.

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ALGIERS- Minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi received Friday, in Algiers, a delegation of the China Writers Association, led by its Vice-President Zhang Ping to broach the possibilities to strengthen the cooperation in literature.

The Minister of Culture said, following this meeting, that the two sides broached the “cultural relations between Algeria and China” which are “evolving” just like the “intense economic and political relations” between the two countries.

Azzeddine Mihoubi and the representatives of China Writers Association also broached “the promotion of Algerian literature in China” through the translation of a certain number of works into the Chinese language and an “exchange programme” between the two countries’ writers, said Minister of Culture.

For his part, Zhang Ping said that this visit will allow a “greater collaboration” in the field of translating Chinese works into Arabic and “better knowledge of the Algerian literature’s realities.”


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ALGIERS- The issue of restoration and development of the Casbah of Algiers initially under the supervision of the ministry of Culture, will from now on be managed by the services of the province of Algiers announced Monday, in Algiers, the minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi.

Speaking in a press briefing dedicated to the presentation of “the Ministry of Culture’s Strategy in Heritage Preservation,” Azzedine Mihoubi said that his department will continue to “ensure the technical support and monitoring” through the Agency for the Implementation of Major Cultural Projects (ARPC).

The province of Algiers will ensure the management of this “important” issue of tangible heritage “in line” with the permanent preservation and development plan adopted by the Government in 2012, he added.

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GUELMA (Algeria)- Roadmap to give a fresh impetus to coordination between the sectors of culture and tourism, including tourist attractions, is to be developed shortly, Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi said Sunday. 

A first meeting will be held, shortly, with the ministry of National Planning, tourism and Craft Industry to give a concrete expression to the clauses of the agreement signed between the two sectors in 2015, the minister told a news conference at the University of Guelma. 

The agreement, he said, provides for activities jointly undertaken by culture and tourism sectors for the promotion of tourist attractions and archaeological sites nationwide in order to make them profitable.

Mihoubi underlined that the use of the various tourist attractions and archaeological sites countrywide will provide a "considerable support" to national economy, stressing that Algeria is a "real open-air museum."

Promoting such places, carrying out relevant studies and publishing guides are among Culture Department's role, the minister said.

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TINDOUF- Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi emphasized Monday, in Tindouf, the need for meticulousness in the restoration of archaeological sites throughout the country.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of his working visit to the province, the minister dubbed “necessary to take care, with an adequate support, of the different restoration phases of the archaeological sites throughout the country to restore them to their original state.”

An initiative which is part of the role of the State aimed at preserving heritage and where the ministry constitutes a tool to execute a methodical plan targeting the national heritage and requiring emergency measures, he said.

Concerning the archaeological sites which were visited in Tindouf, like zaouia of Mokhtar Belaameche and the vestiges of Douiriet Ahl El-Abed, Mihoubi said that they require a “real follow-up” and that the operation is dependent on the existence of “competencies” able to perform the restoration operation successfully.


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MOSTAGANEM - More than 4,600 professional artist cards were granted nationwide, said Sunday in Mostaganem the minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of an inspection visit to the province, the minister said that the operation continues.

While visiting the Casbah,  Tebbana Mosque and Dar Al Kaid, Mihoubi expresed the support of his ministerial department and that of local authorities to preserve the old city of Mostaganem, which has sites that need urgent intervention for their protection from all deterioration.

In this regard, he underlined Culture Ministry's support to preserve such historic sites and carry out emergency operations to restore the old city, which stretches over an area of 103 hectares, including neighbourhoods and alleys, with the help of owners of heritage units.

Furthermore, Azzedine Mihoubi chaired the inauguration of a public library in the town of Bouguirat where he visited pavilions, including a workshop for people with specific needs, affirming that the ministry works to benefit this category of knowledge and to equip libraries with Braille and modern technology equipments.

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CAIRO-Minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi called Sunday in Cairo "to rebuild the relationship between intellectuals and the real world and change the cultural speech."

Speaking at the opening ceremony of an international colloquium "renewal of intellectual dialogue in the face of challenges witnessed by the Arab world," initiated by Egypt's High Council of Culture, Mihoubi highlighted the need "to renew the cultural speech in the Arab countries facing the current challenges," calling for deep changes regarding the language and focus on Education-related issues."     

After recalling Algeria's efforts for the fight against terrorism and extremism, Mihoubi evoked the article provided in the amended Constitution that "enshrines Algerian elite's ambitions for a civil State."  

"Citizen's right to culture is a duty incumbent to the Algerian state," he said.

This three-day colloquium is meant to "meet the pressing need for a renewed cultural discourse that can meet the challenges facing the Arab countries."

130 Arab and foreign researchers, intellectuals and journalists including Algerian writer Wassini Laredj partake in this colloquium.

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ALGIERS- The shooting of the feature film for children "El Kabch Essahi” (The Magic Sheep) by Algerian filmmaker Sadek El Kebir started Tuesday in the zoological park of Ben Aknoun in Algiers.

The beginning of the filming of this cinematographic work was given by Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi in the presence of Director General of the Algerian news agency APS Abdelhamid Kacha and several Algerian actors and filmmakers.

This 90-minute film highlights, through a visit of a group of schoolchildren to a zoological park along with two teachers and one guide, the importance of love and the protection of animals.

“It is the first Algerian film for children,” said filmmaker Sadek El Kebir who lamented “the absence of films for children in Algeria and the fact that there is no investment in this field.”

For his part, Minister of Culture welcomed this initiative, considering it as an experience of reference for children’s cinema, stressing the need to take charge of Algerian children who are very interested in foreign programmes.”

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SETIF-State “does not produce culture” but creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity and cultural action, Culture Minister Azzedine Mihoubi stressed Monday in El Eulma (Setif).

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of El Eulma’s regional theatre which witnessed a rehabilitation operation, the minister stated that society is the “unique” producer of culture and author of creation, recalling major achievements in the sector of culture, like the theatre of Biskra that is currently implemented.

On this occasion, the minister stressed that “the sector of culture is indebted to President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika,” who “has endowed the sector with means enabling culture become a key component of citizen’s life.”

In this regard, he recalled that the recent constitutional revision enshrined culture in Algeria as a fundamental right for citizens, just like the right to healthcare and education.

Mihoubi added that the era of culture of consumption is over and the country has adhered to the era of production and investment in culture to create “an added value” for society, calling on players of the culture area to further work for creativity and high-quality cultural production. 

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CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- Sfax, Capital of Arab Culture 2016 event is "an    opportunity to deepen cultural cooperation, already fruitful, between Algeria and Tunisia," said Tuesday, in Constantine, Tunisia's minister of Culture and Protection of Heritage, Sonia Mbarek, and the minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi. 

Speaking at the ceremony held to pass on the torch of the Arab Culture Capital event to Sfax, Tunisia, which handed over from Constantine (431-km east of Algiers), at Ahmed-Bey movie theatre, the ministers said the two countries share "whole chapters of history and common culture and customs," to be boosted during the Sfax event, which will kick off in a few weeks (July 2016).

Mihoubi, who expressed happiness for the success of Constantine, Capital of Arab Culture 2015, said he was confident of the success of "Sfax, Capital of Arab Culture 2016."

The event, through culture and arts, will mark "reconciliation between Massinissa, Syphax and Cirta with Carthage."

The designation of the city of Sfax to host the event is a kind of extension of Constantine's event, Mihoubi said, stressing the common history between the two countries and its impact on the Maghreb.

Tunisia's Culture minister, who underlined the events that marked the common history between the two countries, from the era of Jugurtha to Sakiet Sidi Youssef, said the event will establish "another link" for stronger cooperation among the different players towards the rebirth of an Arab culture.



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CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- The torch of the "Capital of Arab Culture" event will be officially handed on to the Tunisian city Sfax as the 2016 capital on Tuesday, Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi said Sunday.

"The ceremony for handing over the torch is to take place in Constantine (431-km east of Algiers) and will feature a number of singers from both Algeria and Tunisia, like Sofia Sadek, Ziad Gharssa, Yamina and Abdallah Menai," the minister told a news conference.

The cultural event, will mark "reconciliation" between the kings Syphax and Massinissa, Mihoubi noted.


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