CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- "Ghourour essarsour" (The Pride of the Cicada), a play co-produced by the Regional Theatre of Constantine and the cultural cooperative El Massil, will compete in the fourth International Festival of the Spontaneous Arts and Child's Theatre to be held on November 5 in Aswan, Egypt, the cooperative's chairman Salah-Eddine Torki said Monday.
TLEMCEN- The tenth national festival of Hawzi music will be organized in Tlemcen from 31 October to 5 November with the participation of 14 music associations, said organizers on Sunday.
ALGIERS- The play "Prova", a black comedy with harsh accents that denounce social anarchy and the distress of youth, was rehearsed Saturday evening in Algiers at the Mahieddine-Bachtarzi Theatre, in front of a large audience.
LOS ANGELES – Director Merzak Allouache's feature film "Investigating Paradise" will be competing for the Documentary Film Award at the 21st Arab Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA on 27-29 October, said the festival.
DAKHLA (Sahrawi refugee camps)- Some 70 world- renowned artists and human rights defenders from at least 16 countries, are expected Friday in Dakhla (Sahrawi refugee camps) to take part in the International Art Festival, the organizers said Thursday.
ALGIERS- Algerian filmmaker Karim Moussaoui and French-Algerian filmmaker Rayhana Obermeyer received Saturday, in France, the Press Award and the Youth Jury Award, respectively, at the 28th Arab Film Festival of Fameck which wrapped up Monday evening, said the event’s organizers.
 ALGIERS- The 9th International Symphonic Music Festival, which will be marked by the participation of 13 countries, including Italy as a guest of honour, kicked off on Saturday evening at the Opera of Algiers Boualem-Bessaih.
ALEXANDRIA (Egypt)- The documentary film "Chahine in the Algerian cinema" directed by Algerian journalist and filmmaker Salim Aggar received the "golden palm tree" award attributed by the Arab film associations at the 33rd Alexandria Mediterranean Countries International Film Festival which took place from 7 to 12 October under the topic of "cinema and illegal immigration."
DOHA- Three Algerian writers and novelists won prizes in different categories of Katara Prize for Arabic Novel 2017.
ALGIERS- "Le voyage de Keltoum" (Trip of Keltoum), the latest product of filmmaker Anis Djaad received Wednesday in Dakar, Senegal, best short fiction movie's award at the 17th film festival Picture and Life, which wrapped up October 11, the event's organizers said.