ALGIERS- The ministry of Culture announced Wednesday, in a meeting in Algiers, the relaunch of the magazine "Thakafat" published by the National Company for Graphic Arts (ENAG).
ALGIERS – Tuareg music singer, Badi Lalla and "Lemma Becharia" band gave Tuesday in Algiers a concert in El Mougar Theatre, before a numerous public came to appreciate Tindi and Diwan songs.
ALGIERS- Babor Ghraq (shipwreck), a famous social tragicomedy produced in the 1980s, was performed Monday evening in Algiers to mark the 50th year of the carrier of its author and director, Slimane Benaissa, in front of a large audience.,
ALGIERS- Andalusian music singer Beihdja Rahal livened up on Saturday, in Algiers, an evening at El Mougar movie theatre, in the presence of an audience coming to appreciate the songs of her latest album " Nouba Mezdj, Ghrib Zidane.”
ORAN- The 17th International Cultural Workshop of Oran will be held from 19 to 30 July, said Thursday the local organizing association "Santé Sidi El-Houari" (SDH).
ALGIERS-President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has bestowed on Wednesday evening 47 medals of the National Order of Merit "Ahid" "Djadir" and "Achir" to many men of letters, intellectuals and artists in a ceremony held in the Opera of Algiers "Boualam Bessaih."
 ALGIERS-The short fiction movie "Le voyage de Keltoum" (Trip of Keltoum), last work of director Anis Djaad, will be in contention at the 6th Brussels Arab Cinema Festival "Aflam du sud" in Belgium on 26-29 September, said the movie team.

Tribute to writer Mouloud Mammeri

Sunday, 04 June 2017 10:20
ALGIERS- A literary evening in tribute to Mouloud Mammeri, one of the Algerian prominent French-speaking writers, who died in 1989, was organized Saturday night in Algiers by writers and poets who revisited his works through readings and testimonies.
ALGIERS – The 7th edition of "Taj al Qur'an" contest started on Friday in the Exhibition Centre in Algiers in an atmosphere marked with piety and devotion.
ALGIERS- The short film "Trip of Keltoum,” the latest work of filmmaker Anis Djaad, will participate in the official competition of the 6th Bangalore Short Film Festival of India, scheduled on 11 June, said the sources of the film team.