Social transfers maintained despite financial difficulties

Published on : Monday, 19 February 2018 10:26   Read : 677 time(s)
Social transfers maintained despite financial difficulties

ALGIERS- Minister of Finance Abderrahmane Raouya said Sunday at the People's National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) that social transfers in terms of basic commodity subsidy will be maintained in spite of the financial difficulties the country is facing.

In reply to MPs at a debate about the law on budget regulation 2015, the minister stressed the role of social transfers in "upholding social justice through revenue redistribution to the disadvantaged people and those in need of State support."

Such efforts will continue despite the country's financial difficulties, the minister stressed.


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The appropriate "mechanisms to get social transfers under control are being explored" in line with a programme developed by the government.

On the fight against tax evasion and fraud, Raouya said it is a "priority," stressing the regular exchange of information in this regard, at both local and international levels, especially with the countries with which Algeria has signed tax cooperation agreements.

In this respect, the Finance minister disclosed that more than 120,000 economic operators are on the list of tax evaders who have committed serious infringement to the tax, trade, customs, banking and financial regulations and laws.

"Tax evaders are excluded from foreign trade transactions (importation/exportation) and from participating in public markets or getting the advantages granted to investors in line with the complementary Finance Act 2009."

The tax administration has taken many other measures to curb fraud and tax evasion, including an increase in the number of tax auditors, data checking at the relevant departments, intensification of interventions, introduction of unannounced control, the minister said.

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Social transfers maintained despite financial difficulties