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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

USD 1$ in 108,22 in 114.83
EUR 1€ in 116.05 in 123.16


JPY 100¥ in 99.12 in 105.20
GBP in 138.71   147.22




29/04/2017 20:34

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 PARIS- The investments by the French economic operators in Algeria remain low despite the new opportunities offered by the new investment law, said Thursday in Paris Survey Director of the National Agency of Investment Development (ANDI), Salim Branki.

From 2002 top present, there were 165 French non-hydrocarbon projects in Algeria of a budget of DZD 342 billion (€340 million), said Branki during a meeting in Paris on "the reform of the Algerian investment law and its challenges."

The meeting has been organized by the world-renowned French lawyer office LPA-CGR on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the office in Algiers.

The ANDI official, willing to explain to the French economic operators and to the Algerian operators activating in France, the incentives provided in the investment law, said that out of all the French investment projects, 126 ones have been achieved and created 12,890 jobs in Algeria.

This volume is poor, despite the government willingness to open the market.

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ALGIERS-Decentralized cooperation between Algeria and France "has progressively intensified" and resulted in "catalyst projects" part of shared interests and a common partnership approach, Minister of Interior and Local Assemblies Nouredine Bedoui stressed Wednesday in Algiers.

"After faint beginnings in which exchanges were limited to strict symbolic twinning relations marked by interpersonal relations, decentralized cooperation has progressively intensified and resulted in catalyst projects under a common partnership approach and a shared interest," Bedoui affirmed during the 3rd Algerian-French meeting of mayors and officials of territorial assemblies.  

"Since more than 30 years, decentralized cooperation agreements between assemblies of both countries increased from 7 agreements to 13 in 1999," he recalled.   

"Over 50 decentralized and twinning cooperation agreements have been signed between Algerian and French local assembles on several fields like urban management, environment protection, local governance and cultural exchange," he stressed.

The minister mentioned cooperation between the province of Annaba and the urban community of Dunkerque, the province of Setif and Lyon, the province of Adrar and the general council of Gironde, the province of Algiers and the town council of Paris, the municipality of Oran and the town council of Bordeaux.

He added that new relations are forged every year, making this cooperation "a relation anchored in history," stressing the need to take the maximum profit from these relations, implement genuine development projects and improve the population's living environment.

Bedoui also recalled that Algeria has undertaken "deep" reforms to "strengthen" participatory democracy through the establishment of a legal framework "that enshrines citizen's real participation in the countries' affairs and mobilization of all players of society, mainly youth." 

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ALGIERS - French investments in the milk and red meat sectors and the bilateral cooperation in the field of forests were examined Thursday night in Algiers by Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi and French Minister of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry Stéphane Le Foll.

At the end of the meeting, the French minister told the press that the objective now is to change the method by relying on private groups willing to invest in Algeria.

In this regard, he stressed the commitment of both parties to introduce "young French cattle in Algeria to develop red meat production."

In addition, the Directorate General of Forests (DGF) and the French Forestry Office are expected to sign a partnership agreement.

Le Foll voiced satisfaction with the quality of relations between Algeria and France, notably the "excellent" cooperation in the veterinary field that is set to be "consolidated and strengthened".

Ferroukhi, as for him, recalled that the visit of the French Minister was part of the development of cooperation between the two countries.

"The framework of cooperation between the two countries is wide and we need to strengthen private investment by ensuring that this investment generates training and expertise," he said.

 The two ministers examined the development of grain and seed production, in addition to environment-related projects.

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TLEMCEN (Algeria)- The Managers Forum (FCE) said that Sunday in Tlemcen that the situation was conducive to "boost" the bilateral cooperation between Algeria and France.

In a statement at the Algeria-France economic forum, being held in Tlemcen, FCE assistant president Hocine Metidji recalled that the meeting is held in "a crucial period of Algeria’s history, which has just adopted a new constitution consolidating freedom of business and investment" and "prepare for deep reforms planned by the government to establish an economic model connected to the global economy and generate growth and jobs.”

 "There is a correlation between the strategic economic choices of both countries, France looks to recover its industry and Algeria seeks to diversify its economy," he underlined while noting that "we have common interests." 

For the FCE, it is time to give "a deeper meaning" to Algiers Declaration of Friendship and Cooperation between France and Algeria, signed on 19 December 2012, by Presidents Abdelaziz Bouteflika and Francois Hollande.

Hocine Metidji, said that this meeting will be crowned by "the creation of follow-up committee." He declared that the "FCE wants to build strategic alliance with France which know-how is indisputable  in some sectors."


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ORAN-"An increasing number of French companies are willing to invest in Algeria," Senior executive in charge of Algerian-French cooperation Jean-Louis Levet affimed  Wednesday in Oran Haut responsible for industrial and technological cooperation Franco-Algerian, Jean-Louis Levet.

"For the past two years, more than thirty co-production projects are carried out by the operators of the two countries," Levet said at a meeting organized by the Business Leaders Forum (FCE).

"The Algerian-French cooperation must be further structuring to work together on the fundamentals of economic development such as training, research, innovation and university / business interface," he said.

"Today, Algeria and France from a unique duo throughout the chessboard of world states," he observed," he stressed.

"Historically, geopolitically, economically and humanly, Algeria and France have a common future, and should therefore be a more structuring binomial," stressed Levet.

"Beyond extremely dense human relations, our two countries have common interests, namely a secure and prosperous Mediterranean," the same official noted.

Levet also described as "complementary" the strengths of the two countries, noting, "France has a recognized excellence in scientific, technological and industrial fields", while Algeria is full of "important human skills such as computer science and mathematics that are essential to be in line with digital transformation."

"These additional assets would be more valued as part of a structural cooperation and a strategy defined by priorities," he said, particularly emphasizing, "the increasing quality of training related to the objectives of the economic development of Algeria, the development of technological infrastructure to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Algeria, coproduction partnership."

"There is a relationship of trust between Algeria and France, which should be strengthened to strive for excellence. We should as French meet to the expectations of our Algerian friends," she stated.

Many Algerian operators took part in this meeting, which is the first of a new series of seminars launched by the FCE's delegation of Oran under the theme "The dinner-debates of the FCE." Another conference "Companies' appointments" on h different kinds of project financing, will be launched on Thursday.

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ALGIERS- The 3rd Algeria-France Higher Education Fair opened Saturday at Palace of Culture Moufdi Zakaria, in Algiers, with the participation of more than forty Algerian and French universities.

This two-day scientific event aims at directing and informing the students and young academic project- bearers of the training and education opportunities in the Algerian and French universities and research centres, the event’s organizers told APS.

The fair, to which 24 Algerian universities and 20 French universities are participating, will allow the two countries’ higher education institutions to exchange their experiences, notably in terms of trainings and programmes suggested in Algeria and in France, added the source.

On the sidelines of the fair, the visitors can participate in conferences on themes that may help students to choose programmes and offer them explanations of the enrolment procedures at the Algerian and French universities and higher institutes.

Director of Cooperation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Arezki Saidani, who kicked off the fair, underlined the importance given to higher education and scientific research as part of the Algerian-French cooperation.


PARIS- French President François Hollande received Monday in the Elysee Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ramtane Lamamra and Minister of Industry and Mining Abdessselam Bouchouareb.

The audience took place in the presence of French Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Development Laurent Fabius, and of Economy, Industry and Digital Sector Emmanuel Macron.

The ambassadors of Algeria to France Amar Bendjama and of France to Algeria Bernard Emié also attended the audience.

In the meeting, Ramtane Lamamra handed over a message from President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika to President François Hollande.

The two Algerian ministers are on a working visit as part of the holding of the 3rd Algerian-French Joint Economic Committee (COMEFA), which will end in the signing of nine bilateral agreements.


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PARIS- The 3rd Algerian-French Joint Economic Committee (COMEFA) kicked off Monday in Paris to examine the progress of the agreements signed between the two countries and the underway projects.

Co-chaired by the two Foreign Affairs Ministers Ramtane Lamamra and Laurent Fabius, the 3rd COMEFA, to which Minister of Industry and Mining  Abdesselam Bouchouareb and  Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Sector Emmanuel Macron are also taking part, will culminate in the signing of 8 agreements in the fields of transport, agriculture and intellectual property, and another agreement on the mobility of young graduates.

The signing ceremony will be followed by a press conference.

The second meeting of COMEFA took place in Oran on 10 November 2014.

Four economic partnership agreements were signed during the assessment meeting of COMEFA on May 12, held in Algiers.

COMEFA, created in May 2013, is a mechanism aimed at strengthening and diversifying the economic, industrial and commercial relations between Algeria and France.

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ALGIERS – The Algerian and French universities have signed over 1,000 agreements and conventions, reflecting the "importance" of the Algerian-French cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research, the ministry said Monday in a statement.

The statement was released following the meeting of Minister of Education Higher and Scientific Research, Tahar Hadjar with Ambassador of France to Algeria, Bernard Emie.

The meeting focused on ways to "further increase" the bilateral cooperation particularly in the fields of higher education and scientific research, which is deemed as "more than satisfactory", the source added.

"This partnership occupies a prominent place in the relations of two countries".

The Ministry noted that "more than 170 joint scientific research projects were materialized" and "more than 1,256 publications were issued in indexed journals."

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