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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

USD 1$ in 108,22 in 114.83
EUR 1€ in 116.05 in 123.16


JPY 100¥ in 99.12 in 105.20
GBP in 138.71   147.22




23/04/2017 16:48

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OUARGLA (Algeria)- Eight African nationals have been injured Wednesday in a brawl that sparked following the murder of a resident of Said-Otba district in Ouargla (800-km south of Algiers), the provincial security department told APS. 

Two of the injured have received the required medical care and left the hospital while the six others are still under medical observation, according to the source.  

The clash broke out between the residents of Said-Otba district and nationals from different African countries, living temporarily in the area.

The alleged killer of Said-Otba's resident, a 22-year-old man from Niger, was arrested by the judicial police two hours after the crime.

The crime, perpetrated Wednesday morning, has sparked anger and dismay among the neighbourhood.

In the Face of this situation, local authorities plans to move the occupants of the centre accommodating the African nationals, in the district of Said-Otba, to another facility in Ouargla, then to a centre in the far south of Tamanrasset (1971-km south of Algiers), ahead of their repatriation to their countries, the security source said.



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OUARGLA (Algeria)- The interest to promote and develop aquaculture activities in the south of the country, as a promising economic niche, a source of wealth, was underlined Sunday, in Ouargla, in  a meeting devoted to the implementation of a European support programme to the diversification of Algerian economy.

The programme in question, DIVECO 2, aims at establishing a diagnostic on the state of the sector and identifying the potentialities able to boost aquaculture activities in this region.

Selected as part of a cooperative partnership between Algeria and the European Union, this programme revolves around three (03) main lines.

It is the “strengthening of leadership capacities in this area,” “the support for the promotion and the development of all aquaculture fields,” including inland fishing practiced particularly at the level of lakes and dams and Saharan  fish breeding and “encouraging the integration of civil society, including professionals and specialized associations,” explained organizers.

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OUARGLA (Algeria)- Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal inaugurated, Thursday, during his working and inspection visit to Ouargla, the Faculty of Medecine of the University of Kasdi Merbah in the administrative centre of the province.

This faculty, which opened its doors this year and currently brings together 114 students, has two lecture theatres of 180 seats, 18 tutorials classes, nine laboratories of 20 seats each and a teacher’s room, according to the data sheet.

The prime Minister also received a presentation on the higher school for teachers, the preparatory class in sciences and technology as well as on the University of Ouargla in general.

The University of Ouargla currently includes 28,600 students supervised by 1,176 teachers, and has a capacity of 22,580 pedagogical places.

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OUARGLA (Algeria)- State Minister, Minister of Interior and Local authorities Tayeb Belaiz arrived Saturday morning in the province of Ouargla to enquire on the situation following  the clashes that took place Friday evening in the  outskirts of Touggourt between protestors and police forces.

During this visit, the state Minister is expected to offer his condolences to the families of the two killed and visit the injured, before holding a meeting with the local authorities.

Belaiz is accompanied by the general director of National security, Major General Abdelghani Hamel, general secretary of the Interior ministry and local authorities Ahmed Adli as well as officials of the same ministerial department.

Violent clashes broke out Friday evening in d’Daa El Baroud in the town of Nezla between demonstrators, protesting against the delays in the distributions of plots of lands for construction as well as the connection to drinking water, and the police forces, recalled the source.

The protests left two people dead and about twenty others injured, including members of the police forces, said sources from the province of Ouargla.

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OUARGLA (Algeria) - Transport Minister Amar Ghoul announced Tuesday in Ouargla that new railway lines are planned to spur economic growth in the province.

"The three railway lines planned in the region will give an impetus to the dynamics of economic development in the region," the Minister said during his one day working visit to this southern province.

The railway lines link Ouargla and Laghouat via Ghardaia, which will connect the region of Hassi Messaoud in Algeria, Touggourt and Ouargla towards El Oued, Tebessa and Souk Ahras before reaching the ports of Annaba, Skikda and Jijel.

The third line links Touggourt and Ouargla towards Constantine, Ghoul.

This railway network, which Ouargla is the intersection, will give new impetus to economic activities in the south of the country and ease the pressure on the road network, he said.

These strategic and modern operations guaranteed during railway transport will help ensure the delivery of necessary products for the economic, industrial and petroleum activities in this region spanning almost 600 km.

During his one day visit to Ouargla, minister of transport inspected projects and inaugurated in "Krim Belkacem" Airport of Hassi Messaoud an aircraft maintenance base of the group "Red-Med", which includes maintenance and repair workshops devices in addition to a training wing.


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OUARGLA (Algeria)- Seven car brands, Asian and American, are exhibiting their vehicles at the 1st Car Show “Sud-Auto” which kicked off Wednesday at 24 February Games Hall in Ouargla (800 km south of Algiers).

Organized for first time in Ouargla, this show aims at promoting the marketing of different car brands, particularly the most demanded ones in the south of the country, said the event’s organizers.

The show is also meant to be an opportunity for the visitors to discover the new ranges of cars marketed in Algeria by the participating car dealers.

An action to raise people’s awareness about road safety will be led by Mohamed El-Azzouni, on the sidelines of the show, said the source.

To be held till May 31, Sud-Auto Show is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ouargla in collaboration with the company Com-Event (Algiers).


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Monday, 24 February 2014 13:25

Gassi Touil gas treatment plant commissioned

OUARGLA-The Gassi Touil gas treatment plant, located in the province of Ouargla (800 km south of Algiers), was commissioned Monday, allowing Algeria to have an additional processing capacity of 3.6 billion cubic meters per year.

Gassi Touil plant, which is worth DZD 107 billon, will henceforth produce a daily volume of 12 million cubic meters starting from 44 wells out of the 52 planned ones.

Besides, this plant allows an operation over a period of 12-15 years with the provided production conditions, an executive officer of Sonatrach sais during the inauguration ceremony held in presence of the Minister of Energy and Mines Youcef Yousfi and CEO of Sonatrach, Abdelhamid Zerguine.

The construction works of the plant had been launched in late 2009 by Sonatrach in partnership with the Japanese firm JGC (Japenese Gas Company).

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Monday, 10 February 2014 13:49

14th Theatre Festival of Ouargla kicks off

OUARGLA (Algeria)- The 14th Theatre Festival of Ouargla opened Sunday at Moufdi Zakaria community arts centre, amid a festive atmosphere and in the presence of a large audience.

The event will run for four days featuring troupes from several parts of the country.

 Many plays are scheduled such as "Kissat Bachar" (The Story of a Man), Maraya El-Mesrah Association (province of Constantine), "Elbia" (The Environment), the Oasis Theatre, and "El-Qobaa El-Sawda" (the Black Hat), by El-Nasr Association from the Theatre of Ouargla, according to organisers.

"El-Sehd" (Heatwave), Nibras association (Adrar), "Wijhat Nadher" (Point of View) by El-Nawet association (Tiaret), "El-Wahl" (The Mud), Malaiket El-Khachaba Association (Oran) and "El-Holm El-Dayaa" (The Lost Dream), Mohamed Touri Association (Ain Defla) will also be performed during the Theatre Festival of Ouargla.









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