ALGIERS- New Minister of Trade, Mohammed Benmeradi, took on Saturday in Algiers, his new duties in replacement of Abdelhafid Saci, during a handover ceremony, in the presence of the officials of the ministry.
ALGIERS- New Minister of Industry and Mining Youcef Yousfi on Saturday took his new functions, replacing Mahdjoub Bedda, during a taking over ceremony, which was attended by the ministry's senior executives.
ALGIERS- The annual rate of consumer price stood at 6.1% until end of July 2017, the National Statistics Office told APS.
ALGIERS –The cereal production during the 2016-2017 season reached more than 35 million tonnes by mid-August compared to the 34 million tonnes recorded in the season 2015-2016, an official at the Agriculture Ministry told APS.
ALGIERS- The African Development Bank (AfDB) funded more than 450 transport projects between 1967 and 2017, including 8 projects in Algeria which received 760 million dollars of funding during this period, said this financial institution on its website.
ALGIERS- The required reserve rate of banks will see a further decline starting from 15 August, going from 8% to 4% according to a new instruction from the Bank of Algeria (BA) published on its website.
ALGIERS- French airline Aigle Azur's schedule of flights to Algeria will not be affected by the strike started Sunday by stewards and stewardesses, the airline's general delegate in Algeria, Benslimane Yacine, told APS.
ALGIERS- The unemployment rate in Algeria reached 12.3% in April 2017 against 10.5% in September 2016 the National Statistics Office (ONS) told APS.
TAMANRASSET- Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and Land Planning, Noureddine Bedoui, announced on Friday in Tamanrasset that the government intends to set up a "new strategy" for the development of the border regions, before the end of 2017.
 ALGIERS- Minister of Tourism and Craft Industry, Hacène Mermouri, said Thursday in Algiers, that DZD790 million were allocated from the Fund of Support to Craftsmen in order to promote and improve crafts, which contribute to the creation of jobs and economic growth.