Post, telecommunications:  Bill defining general rules adopted

Published on : Tuesday, 20 February 2018 18:27   Read : 497 time(s)
Post, telecommunications:  Bill defining general rules adopted

ALGIERS- The Bill defining the general rules relating to the Post and Telecommunications has been adopted Tuesday by the majority of the members of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) during a plenary session chaired by Saïd Bouhadja and attended by Minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technologies and the Digital technology, Imane Houda Feraoun. 

The deputies of the Workers’ Party (PT) abstained.

The bill sets the conditions for the development and the supply of "quality" postal and telecommunications services, the general conditions for their operation by operators and also defines the institutional framework of an "autonomous and independent" regulatory authority.

This bill applies to the "postal and telecommunications activities, including television and radio broadcasting with respect to transmission and reception, excluding the content of audio-visual activities and electronic media, under the organic law 12-05 of 2012 on information."

It provides for that Post and Telecommunications activities "are subject to the control of the State," which ensures, as part of its general missions, "the definition and application of the standards for the creation and the exploitation of those services."

The State also guarantees the "security of telecommunication networks, the continuity and regularity of the services offered to the public, the respect of the rules of fair competition by the operators and with regard to the customers, the supply in conformity with the legal and regulatory requirements of the universal service, the respect of the requirements relative to national defence and public security, the respect of the moral principles, the compliance of the operators, with their legal and regulatory obligations."

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Post, telecommunications:  Bill defining general rules adopted