ALGIERS- The 18th session of the International Pharmaceutical Forum will be held from 14 to 16 May 2017, in the presence of more than 3,000 professionals of the sectors of health and pharmaceutical industry, representing several countries of the African continent and elsewhere, announced the National Council of the Association of Pharmacists (SNOP), co-organizer of the event.
ALGIERS-A bill on scientific research and technological development aiming to boost innovation "is being drafted," announced Monday Director general of scientific research and technological development at the Ministry of Higher education and scientific research Abdelhafid Aourag, who said that 25% of research facilities in Algeria would be dissolved to promote excellency.
ALGIERS- Minister of Post and Information and Communication Technologies Iman-Houda Faraoun, announced Sunday in Algiers the creation of a new Group, the Groupe Telecom Algerie which encompasses the three public companies Algerie Telecom (AT), Algerie Telecom Mobile (ATM) and Algerie Telecom Satellite (ATS).
ALGIERS- The UN institutions have hailed on Thursday the efforts made by the Algerian authorities since independence to eradicate polio.
BOUIRA (Algeria)- Niger banks on cooperation with Algeria to develop its telecommunication sector and benefit from the Algerian experience with Mali in the field, Niger's Minister of Post, Technologies and Digital Economy said Thursday in Bouira (122-km east of Algiers).
TAMANRASSET- Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal on Thursday has launched the building works of a 240-bed hospital in Tamanrasset (1970-km south of Algiers).
ALGIERS- Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reforms Abdelmalek Boudiaf said Thursday, in Algiers, that public authorities have reached the ambitious goal of vaccination coverage of 90% for all vaccines.
ALGIERS- Algeria will launch its own satellite before the end of this year, which will cover the whole national territory and which will ensure the coverage of 90% of the internet network in Niger and Mali announced Wednesday, in Algiers, the minister of Post and Information and Communication Technologies Houda Imane Feraoun.
ALGIERS – A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in Algiers between the Algerian and Emirati space agencies for boosting cooperation and exchange of expertise in this matter.
ALGIERS- Algeria and the United States have agreed, Sunday in Algiers, to encourage American leading laboratories to develop their investments in Algeria, following the audience granted by Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Abdelmalek Boudiaf to Assistant US Trade Representative for Europe and the Middle East Daniel Lawrence Mullaney.