ALGIERS- Six drug traffickers were intercepted and large quantity of various products was seized Saturday by detachments of the People's National Army in several provinces of the country, said the Ministry of National Defence in a communiqué on Sunday.
MOSTAGANEM- The Coastguards units of Mostaganem (355-km west of Algiers) thwarted, in the night of Thursday to Friday, an illegal immigration attempt of eight people east of the province's coasts, said the security body.
MOSTAGANEM (Algeria)- Coastguard units in Mostaganem (355-km west of Algiers) intercepted, late Tuesday and early Wednesday, 11 illegal emigrants, the security body said Wednesday.
GHARDAIA (Algeria) –A participative strategy is needed for the creation of wealth and the development of local communities, Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, Noureddine Bedoui said on Tuesday in Ghardaia (600 km south of Algiers).
TAMANRASSET- The Office of Ahaggar National Park (OPNA) of Tamanrasset seeks to involve all those concerned by environment in the protection of the endangered animal species in the vast region of Algeria's extreme south.
ALGIERS- Six drug traffickers have been arrested on Sunday in Ain Témouchent by a detachment of the National People's Army (ANP), which seized 45kg of cannabis resin while another detachment seized 17 kg of the same product in El Oued, said Monday a statement from the National Defence Ministry (MDN).
ALGIERS- The tramway project in Mostaganem (355-km west of Algiers) has been entrusted to the civil engineering group Cosider instead of a Spanish company, the ministry of Public Works said Sunday in a statement.
ORAN- Nine would-be immigrants were intercepted Friday north of Cape Falcon in Ain El Turck by units of the Coastguards of Oran (431-km west of Algiers), said Saunday the security services.
MEDEA-Minister of Water Resources Hocine Necib stressed Tuesday in Medea the need to secure interconnection systems of the dams of Koudiate Acerdounbe (Bouira), Birine (Djelfa) and Ghrib (Ain Defla) in order to avoid "great disruption" in the supply of the province with drinking water.
TAMANRASSET-Commander of the National Gendarmerie Major General Menad Nouba stressed Monday in Tamanrasset the need to intensify the actions of judicial police in combatting cross-border organized crime.