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Algeria Press Service

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Saturday, 25 February 2017 09:21

Tribute to Fernand Iveton, the Algerian in Paris

PARIS (France)- An evening of tribute to Fernand Iveton, the Algerian guillotined on 11 February 1957 was organized Friday by the French Communist Party (PCF) as part of the 2017 anti-colonialism week.

“60 years ago, on 11 February 1957, Fernand Iveton, communist activist member of the FLN was guillotined on the order of the French State. His “crime” was an act of solidarity with his people, the Algerian people. The war in Algeria had been going on for three years. The Algerian people paid a heavy tribute to the cause of its independence,” recalled the organizers of this tribute to which more than a hundred people attended the testimony of his comrade-in-arms Sadek Hadjres, one of the founding members of the Parti de l'avant-garde socialiste (PAGS), and historian Alain Ruscio.

In his introduction, Frédérick Genevée, member of the PCF’s leadership said that the French colonization is not an “unemotional subject,” arguing that the far-right has not yet taken in Algeria’s independence. He said that commemorating martyr Fernand Iveton is “a political choice” of the FCE’s leadership which was the subject, during the evening, of a string of criticism on its “negative” position during the triggering of the Liberation war, despite the explanations given by Sadek Hadjres who was, at the time, among the Algerian Communist Party (PCA).

“Yes, there were colonial crimes, crimes against humanity in Algeria committed by the French State who addressed the demands and the aspirations of Algerians through repression and violence,” said the PCF official.

Alain Ruscio, author of "Nostalgérie" : l'interminable histoire de l'OAS,” put the fact in context by recalling the militant fight of this young revolutionary communist who believed in the future of an independent Algeria.

For his part, Saadek Hadjres underlined that Henri Maillot, another activist for the Algerian cause, and Fernand Iveton, who he met from 1950 “gave a lesson of patriotism to Algerians,” attesting that they were, along with many other, “deeply affected by the fight against colonialism for Algeria’s independence.”

Fernand Iveton was executed on 11 February 1957 morning at the Serkadji prison, in Algiers, at the same time as two other Algerian patriots Mohamed Ounnoughi and Ahmed Lakhnache. His last words were: “The life of a man, mine, does not count. What counts is Algeria, its future.”

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