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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

USD 1$ in 108,22 in 114.83
EUR 1€ in 116.05 in 123.16


JPY 100¥ in 99.12 in 105.20
GBP in 138.71   147.22




23/04/2017 16:52

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ALGIERS-The National Education Minister Nouria Benghebrit said Thursday in Algiers the strategy to violence in schools, which would be presented by her ministry on Wednesday, was based on the pedagogical and legal aspects.

In a response to a question of a senator of the Council of the Nation (Upper House) on school dropout, the minister stressed this issue was intrinsic to the student, saying solutions to this problem under this strategy and solutions were mainly based on pedagogical and legal aspects, in addition to the establishment of an environment that encourages students to pursue their schooling.

The strategy "aims to combat violence in schools (inside and outside) to allow students attend schools at least until the age of 16," stated the minister.

The program to fight against school dropout is based on five aspects, particularly deepening researches, affirmed Benghebrit who announced a joint working group (the National Watchdog for Education and Training, the National Institute for Research on Education and the Central Directorate on Assessment and Foresight) was entrusted with conducting a quality research on the phenomenon of school dropout."      

As regards the second aspect, Benghebrit explained that it consisted in the fight against grade repetition through addressing the difficulties faced by students, catch-up examinations for students who obtained an average of 9/20 and the development of pre-school and the revision of current programs.

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ALGIERS-A strategy to fight against violence in schools will be "unveiled soon" by the Ministry of National Education, announced Wednesday Nedjadi Messeguem, Inspector General at the Ministry. 

"An independent watchdog under the National Education ministry is preparing a strategy to fight against violence in schools that will be soon unveiled by the ministry," Messeguem announced on the national radio.  

This strategy is based on a survey that involved around 400 high schools in which nearly 40,000 students, 4,000 teachers and 2,000 administrative staff, he stressed.  

Referring to violence in schools, the same official reported 6,500 cases of violence in 2014, stating 2,600 cases of violence were committed by the staff against pupils and 700 other cases between the staff.

Messeguem said the responsibility of this violence "should not be assumed by the school that is caught in a vice," stressing schools "are only the receptacle of the Algerian society's evils".

"This is a social scourge that must be addressed in the long term," he said, recalling collaboration with the General Directorate of National Police (DGSN) and the National Gendarmerie in this issue. 

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JIJEL (Algeria)- Measures will be taken to fight violence in schools said, in Jijel, the minister of Education Nouria Benghabrit.

In a press conference held on the sidelines of the second day of her working visit to this province, the minister said that these measures will focus on introducing changes to schools’ internal regulations and the content of some courses, as well as the organization of awareness campaigns in addition to coordination with parent-teacher associations.

Benghabrit underlined, in this regard, the conventions signed until now by her department with the General Directorate of National Police and the Ministry of National Defence to stop violence in schools.

“During their teenage years, kids have needs and they want to express themselves, hence the need to give them, within schools, the possibility to participate as class representatives, among other things,” added the minister, “which will allow them to improve their academic achievements and establish a relaxed setting.”

She also pointed out the creation of a committee that works, with social partners, to develop a national strategy to fight against violence.

The minister also called on employees of the Education sector to demonstrate a sense of responsibility in order to avoid strikes and ensure the continuity of courses,” particularly for students

In this regard, she ensured that “teachers have the right to express their positions but must act wisely taking into account students’ interests.”

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