ALGIERS- Over 30 tonnes of cannabis resin was seized in Algeria in the first half of 2017, according to a report by the National Office for the Fight against Drugs and Drug Addiction (ONLDT), which said that the quantities of seized psychotropic substances and drugs have decreased.
ORAN (Algeria)- Thirty-seven Algerian illegal emigrants have been intercepted Thursday morning in two separate operations in the north of Kristel (Gdyel) and the north of Andalouses, by coastguard units in Oran (432-km west of Algiers).
ANNABA - Combining the passion of the sea with the commitment to protect underwater biodiversity, the Hippone Sub Diving Club of Annaba has become, over the years, the ideal space for practicing maritime sports, but also for undertaking innovative ecological initiatives.
ALGIERS- During the period ranging from 3 to 9 August, 383 forest fires have been recorded, destroying a total area of 17,400 ha, said Thursday the General Directorate of Forests (DGF), in a communiqué.
ALGIERS – The first edition of the Algerian Pizza Championship is scheduled from August 23 to 26 at the Walk of Sablettes (Algiers), with the participation of more than 500 pizzaiolos, said on Wednesday the Office of Parks of Sports and Leisure of Algiers (OPLA).
ALGIERS- Six people lost their lives and 56 others injured in eight road traffic accidents during the last twenty-four hours nationwide, according to a report issued by the Civil Protection Department on Wednesday.
ALGIERS- Azzedine Sekrane, Head of Forest Directorate said Sunday in Algiers that 1,604 fires were listed since June and they destroyed 14,310 hectares of forest lands.
ALGIERS- Six (06) people died and 20 others were injured over the last 24 hours in road accidents across the national territory indicated Sunday, a toll of the services of the Civil Protection.
ALGIERS- More than 1600 people died in 12 358 road accidents in the first six months of 2017 said Wednesday in Algiers, the director of the National Centre for Prevention and Road Safety (CNPSR) Ahmed Nait El-Hocine.
ALGIERS - Fifty-two people died and 1,928 others were injured in traffic accidents during the period from July 23rd to 29th, according to a report prepared Tuesday by the Civil Protection services.