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Algeria Press Service

Current exchange rate Algerian Dinar|23/04/2017

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24/04/2017 12:26

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ALGIERS- Former African weight lifting champions Abdelmounaim Yahiaoui and Azzedine Basbas were honoured Tuesday, in Algiers, by the Algerian Federation and the African Confederation of weight lifting for their sports careers as athletes, then as coaches.

Gifts were given to the former athletes, who are now national coaches, by the president of the International Weight Lifting Federation, Hungarian Tomas Ajan, the president of the African Union of Sports Confederations Egyptian Ahmed Nasser and the president of the African Weight lifting Confederation, Libyan Khaled Mhalhal.

“This distinction touches my heart, after a whole career and years at the highest level of this sport where it is always very hard to stand out from the best in the world. My long athletic career full of titles and punctuated with a 4th place at the 1994 Olympic Games was useful to me, since today, I am coaching young athletes who are called to do like us and even better in the future,” said Yahiaoui.

Azzedine Basbas, currently a national coach for girls, said that “this gift crowns a whole athletic career. Everything we learned for years at the highest level, we are inculcating it to our young athletes who are in constant progress.”

For his part, the president of the African Weight Lifting Confederation Libyan Khaled Mhalhal hailed Basbas and Yahiaoui, noting that “they not only honoured Algeria, but also Africa in major sporting events to which they partook during their athletic careers.”

For the president of the Algerian Weight Lifting Federation Aziz Brahimi, the two athletes have always given the “best image” that can be given to the sport.

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ALGIERS- Algerian weight lifter Housseyn Fardjallah, 23, died in a road accident early Sunday morning in the commune of Yellel (Relizane, west of Algiers), announced the Algerian Weightlifting Federation (FAH).

The accident occurred on the East-West motorway, in the locality of douar Gouasmiya, in the commune of Yellel.

Housseyn Fardjallah was an elite athlete and was expected Sunday in Algiers to start a training camp ahead of another training camp in Antalya (Turkey) from 25 to 5 December along with other Algerian elite athletes of different sports.

He won several African and Arab titles in addition to a bronze medal at the world championship in 2013 in Lima, Peru.

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ALGIERS- The Algerian weight lifting snatched two place for 2016 Olympic Games of Rio, at the end of the African Championships of Nations (seniors, men and women) which took place in Yaoundé from 7 to 14 May, with the participation of 16 countries.

The two places, one was snatched in the men’s category and the other in the women’s.  

“We have exceeded our targets. We targeted one qualification for Rio but to our great surprise women (cadets and juniors) were able to snatch a place for Rio,” said Yahia Zaidi, the national technical director, happy with this achievement.

It is up to the technical directorate to choose the two athletes who will represent Algeria in this discipline in the Rio’s Olympic Games. “The best athletes will be retained,” said Zaidi.  

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YAOUNDE- Algerian weightlifters won 15 medals overall (4 gold, 8 silver and 3 bronze) on Friday, the seventh and last day of the 2016 African Weightlifting Championships, taking place in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Walid Bidani (+105kg) dominated his class, claiming three gold medals, with a lift of 181kg in snatch, 210kg in clean-and-jerk and an overall total of 391kg, while the silver medals went to his teammate Hamza Sanoune (155kg in snatch, 185kg in clean-and-jerk and 340kg overall), and the bronze to Morocco's Abdelali Lagsir (130kg in snatch, 181kg in clean-and-jerk and 311kg overall).

Houssein Fardjallah (85kg) added a fourth gold to Algeria with a lift of 150kg in snatch and two bronze with a lift of 185kg in clean-and-jerk and an overall total of 335kg, while the two gold went to Egyptian Abderaouf Ezzeldin.

For his part, Mohammed Fethi (105kg) won three silver (135kg in snatch, 168kg in clean-and-jerk and 303kg overall), while in 85kg class, Amir Belhout got three bronze (146kg in snatch, 165kg in clean-and-jerk and 311kg overall).

Algeria, which participated with 13 weightlifters, including five girls, has ended the African tournament with 24 medals overall (7 gold, 11 silver and 6 bronze).


Here is the list of the Algerian medallists in 2016 African Weightlifting Championships:


ØAmor Fenni (62kg): 1 silver

ØHoussein Fardjallah (85kg): 1 gold and 2 silver

ØAmir Belhout (85kg): 3 bronze

ØSaddam Missaoui (94kg): 2 gold and 1 silver

ØAymen Touairi (94kg): 1 gold

ØWalid Bidani (105kg): 3 gold

ØHamza Sanoune (105kg): 3 silver

ØMohammed Fethi (105kg): 3 silver


Female weightlifting:


ØIkram Cherrara (69kg): 1 silver and 2 bronze

ØHirech Bouchra Fatima-Zohra (75kg): 1 bronze 


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YAOUNDE- Algerian athlete Saddam Missaoui won Thursday in Yaoundé three medals, including two gold, on the 6th day of the African Weightlifting Championships (seniors), qualifying for the Olympic Games of Rio 2016. 

Missaoui won the two gold medals after lifting 150kg in the snatch movement of the 94kg weight class, and in two movements (329kg).   

In the jerk movement, the Algerian won the silver medal after lifting 179kg, in his second attempt.


Algeria is participating in this sporting event with 13 weightlifters with aim of winning one of the qualifying spots to the Olympic Games of Rio 2016.

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YAOUNDE- Algerian athlete Ikram Cherrara won three medals (one silver, two bronze) in Yaounde, at African Weightlifting Championships (seniors), qualifying for the Olympic Games of Rio 2016. 

Competing in the 69kg event, Cherrara won the silver medal with a total of 183kg, while the two bronze medals were snatched in the snatch movement (80kg), and in the clean-and-jerk (103kg), the third and last attempt.


The gold medals of the category went to Cameroonian Fouodji Sonkbou with 81kg (snatch movement), 105kg (clean-and-jerk) and 186kg in total.

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BRAZZAVILLE- Algerian men weightlifters won four medals (three silver, one bronze) on Friday at the Revolution sports hall in Brazzaville, as part of the 11th All Africa Games.

The silver medals were claimed by Messaoud Seddam (94kg) with a lift of 150kg in snatch, 183kg in clean-and-jerk, and an overall total of 333kg, while the gold medals went to Egypt's Abdel Razek Ragab (160kg in snatch, 200kg in clean-and-jerk and 360kg overall), and the bronze to Libya's Abdessalem Merouane Fardj (140kg in snatch, 182kg in clean-and-jerk and 332kg overall). 

Algeria's Hamza Sanoun (+105kg) added a bronze medal with a lift of 150kg in snatch.

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TUNIS- Algeria's national weightlifting team snatched 12 new medals (3 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze) on the second day of the African Junior/Cadet Weightlifting Championship (boys/girls) in Tunis.

During the first day, Algeria won 15 medals, including one gold.

The new gold medals were claimed by weightlifter Meriem Benmiloud (55 kg) with a lift of 61 kg in snatch, 80 kg in clean-and-jerk and an overall total of 141 kg in cadet girls' events.

The young weightlifter also won three silver medals in junior's events and set nine new Algerian records.

In junior boys' events, Abdelkader Ait Ouazan (62 kg) won three silver medals (107 kg in snatch, 125 kg in clean-and-jerk and 232 kg overall).

For his part, Khalil M'hamdi (62 kg) got three medals, including a silver (84 kg in snatch, 104 kg in clean-and-jerk and 188 kg overall).

During the first day of the competition, the only gold medal was claimed by Ismail Rabhi (50 kg), who lifted 68 kg in snatch in cadet boys' events.

Algeria is competing with 24 weightlifters, including nine girls in the African tournament, which run until 22 April.

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