KAMPALA- Algeria's Lynda Mazri and Halla Bouskani won a bronze medal in women's double at the International Badminton Tournament (men and women), held in Kampala, Uganda, from 22 to 25 February.
ALGIERS- ITF Mehdi-Bouras International Junior Tennis Tournament (grade 4) kicked off at Hydra Tennis Club in Algiers, with the participation of 113 players, including 53 girls, from 31 countries.
 GHARDAIA – Algerian pugilist Ilyas Abbadi beat Saturday at the sports hall in the province of Ghardaia (600-km south of Algiers), France's Anthony Brand, during a professional fight in the super middleweight category.
MADRID- The participants in the 18th Western Sahara Marathon on 26 February will run 42 kilometres, which recall the 42 years of exile of the Sahrawi people, said the organizers.
ALGIERS- The Greek Kastrantas Charalampos of the Serbian team Java Partizan won Friday the 15th International Cycling Grand Prix of Algiers after dominating the fourth and last stage.
MADRID (Spain)- Algerian tennis player Ines Ibbou qualified Friday to the semifinals of the Movistar III tournament (February 19-25), held on the clay courts of the Guillermo Villas Academy of Mallorca, Spain, after she beat Japanese Aiko Yoshitomi (7-5, 6-1).
MADRID (Spain)- Algerian tennis players Ines Ibbou qualified Friday for the quarter finals of the Movistar III tournament, taking place on the clay courts of Spain's Guillermo Villas Academy of Mallorca (February 19-25), after she beat Spanish Eva Guerrero Alvarez.
ALGIERS- Algerian cyclist Hamza Yacine (GS Petroliers) on Thursday has won the third stage of the 15th International Cycling Grand Prix of Algiers (20-23 February).
ORAN- Algerian handball club ES Arzew won the Mediterranean handball tournament that they organized from 18 to 21 February at Arzew sports hall (Oran), despite their defeat in the closing match Wednesday evening against Ahly of Tripoli (25-23).
ALGIERS- Algerian cyclist Youcef Reguigui on Wednesday has won the second stage of the 15th International Grand Prix of Algiers (20-23 February).