CASABLANCA (Morocco)- Algerian Lynda Benkaddour and her Moroccan teammate Oumaima Aziz have qualified Monday for the second round of the double events at the international junior tournament of Casablanca, Morocco, after their victory (6-1, 6-0) over a Romanian-Nigerian pair, namely Carmen Roxana Manu and Adetayo Adetunji.
TUNIS (Tunisia)- ES Arzew, one of the two Algerian representatives in the Arab handball championship of cup winners clubs, being held in Sfax, Tunisia, beat its Omani counterpart Ahly Sedab (30-28) on Monday, the fourth day of Group B.
CASABLANCA (Morocco)- Algerian tennis player Youcef Rihane has qualified for the second round of the final stage of the North-African Circuit junior tournament (Mach 19-24), held on the clay courts of the Oceanic Club of Casa Blanca, Morocco.
ALGIERS- Six Algerian junior athletes will participate in the 1st Mauritania Cycling Tour, scheduled from 1 to 5 April 2018, announced Monday the Algerian Cycling Federation (FAC).
AMMAN (Jordan)- The ninth Arab Kickboxing Clubs Championships (boys and girls), organized by the Arab Kickboxing Union in collaboration with the Jordanian Federation, started Friday in Amman, Jordan, with the participation of Algeria.
MARRAKECH (Morocco)- Algerians Youcef Rihane and Lynda Benkaddour qualified Tuesday to the second round in the single events of the 2018 Africa Junior Tennis Championships , taking place In Marrakech, Morocco (March 12-17).
ALGIERS- Hamza Bouras, Wassim Ziani and Bouhadi Walid in men's events and and Rezouani Meriem, Hammiche Lamia and Amani Boussouar in women's events have been the winners of the first Algerian Sailing Awards, a title of honor awarding the best Algerian windsurfer in 2017, in a ceremony Tuesday in Algiers.
RABAT- Algerian tennis woman Lynda Benkaddour qualified Thursday evening for the semi-finals of the International Junior Tennis Tournament "La Raquette d'Or,” held from 5 to 10 March in Mohammadia (Morocco), after defeating Egyptian Hala Khaled under the score 5-4(3) 2-4 10-6.
ORAN (Algeria)- The seventh world championship of bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting will take place on March 16-17 in Oran (432-km west of Algiers), the chairman of the Algerian body governing the sport, Moussa Messaour, said Thursday.
ALGIERS- Three Algeria tennis players reached Thursday the second round of the final stage at the international tournament of Ben-Aknoun, in the capital, which is part of the ITF Junior Circuit being held in the Palm Trees Tennis Club of Algiers.