Morocco's democracy "groundless," "puppet show, long-standing comedy"

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 Morocco's democracy "groundless," "puppet show, long-standing comedy"

WASHINGTON (United States)- The democratic process in Morocco is "groundles" according to reports of think tanks and several foreign commentators who tried to explain the seven most spread myths about democracy in Morocco, media reported.

 In that country, there is a "quite entertaining puppet show called government, and a long-standing comedy named Parliament." 

Based on a six-day research stay in Morocco, the summary of the main points of the report published by the electronic newspaper Huffington Post, aimed to demystify seven common myths on the alleged democratic transition in that country. 

The article, whose original version was published on the British website open Democracy, has come to contradict "the reformist image that the Moroccan authorities are seeking to project abroad," and according to which a process of democratization of Morocco is underway, a fact that the site deems "unfounded."

To the question "if Morocco is a constitutional monarchy?," the author of the article replied: "There is a separation of roles, but not a separation of powers: “political, economic and religious” are all concentrated in Royal Palace, which takes all the important decisions and  control all the facts: Parliament, judiciary power, security forces, nearly all media and non-governmental spheres."

Alongside this government, there is in Morocco “a quite entertaining show called the government, and a long running comedy called parliament, with a medley of fractious political parties generating an endless variety of amusing but inconsequential plot lines.”

Another widespread myth: The Palace embraced democratic reform. In 2011, when protestors inspired by the Arab Spring took to the streets, the palace promised democratic reforms and presented a new constitution that is full of political freedoms but “nothing to get excited about,” added the article.



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 Morocco's democracy "groundless," "puppet show, long-standing comedy"